Blister Thumb Two: Garden Boogaloo

Uuuurgh. I’m getting too old to be partying until 2am and then recovering entirely the day after. Next year, would somebody please remind me that I’m decrepit and that I should take the Monday after Smithees off? Thanks!

I had all these plans to do garden stuff Sunday but instead I lay about like a lump and played Warcraft. I even got all cranky at TheMan because he went up and took a shower around 3pm and I didn’t want to take a shower that day at all (see: Lazy). But you can’t have one stank person and one clean person and have harmony so I was forced to also take a shower. Bastard. I had planned to be stanky and lazy the whole day but how sexy is it to cuddle with a stank-nasty person? Not very indeed.

In spite of the shower and because of the LAZY I did not get to even one of my gardening projects, which included a simple walk about the premise to see what was up. Nope. I remained defiant of work and true to the sluggish and flopped around the house even after my shower. HA! But also: Wasted day. Come Monday, my weekend of Smithees plus slothfulness made me feel like I frittered away time I should have spent at least taking a look-see at the plantage. HATE! I can’t even have a good sloth day without feeling sad the next day because I sat around doing nothing. I suck at teh Lazy (which means I need to practice right?).

Monday morning I planned to right all my slothful lazy wrong and go do some leaf raking (yes, I still have not finished up with the yard). Monday afternoon I changed my tune (poet!) as I was feeling drained and listless (see: OLD and LAZY) and scheduled a nap instead of yard work. But then when we got home I thought, “You know, I should really do just a little something garden stupid so I can feel a tiny bit accomplished before having a bit of a snooze. Let’s just walk around and see what’s going on. That shouldn’t take but 10 minutes and then? NAP!” So I did.

I ogled my roses (note to self: Fertilize roses soon and check for bugses), glared at the dead sunflower carcasses (grrr!), and wandered into the back yard to find that the strawberries are taking the opportunity to annex more of the garden. As are the violets. (Note to self: Get claw hand garden thingie out and rip up those violet suckers!) On the way back from my tour, I stopped at the raised garden bed that didn’t get moved last year and glared at the stuff which decided to sprout. Again. Grrr. Last year I wound up not moving it with the other raised bed because things had already sprouted. Which I then harvested in the fall so that the bed would be empty for moving this spring. Or so I thought. Stoopid reseeding garlic and onion plants. This year that second bed is going to be moved come hell or high water (and in spite of a healthy onion crop) so I stopped to yank all the green growing things out of it. HA! Take that you reseeding onion things.

Then, since I had a whole lot of winter cruft as well as a whole lot of displaced weeds and onions lying about, I thought I might as well get a garden bag out and bag it all up. Then then, since the rake was sitting RIGHT THERE! I decided to fill up the rest of the bag with leaves. Then then THEN I thought that it looked a little weird with part of the spot raked up so I finished that quintrant of the back yard. So much for my nap. I also blistered up my thumb again filling three bags full of dead leaves. If this keeps up, I’m going to need to go back for more garden bags. Sheesh!

I did manage to swing by the sunflower corpses and pull those up so maybe this weekend I’ll have a little seed planting fest. Assuming I get to raking the other three sections of the back yard. I hate de-wintering the lawn and gardens.

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2 Responses to “Blister Thumb Two: Garden Boogaloo”

  1. Amy Says:

    Taking the Monday post-Smithees off would be blissful. And I think it might violate the Bylaws of the Benevolent and Baneful Ballot Babysitters to do anything the day after Smithees. Seriously. We’d have to kick you out. Or fine you. Or make you eat Corkers, and first we’d have to find Corkers, and that would make us fiercely cranky.

  2. Boo Says:

    Well I’d hate to rile up the Benevolent and Baneful Ballot Babysitters so from now on forward I shall do nothing the day after Smithees (that is responsible like anyway. I reserve the right to do fun things if the mood strikes).

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