The Friday Random Five 4-25-08

One: I am the Squirrel Whisperer. Wednesday I made a squirrel come running from about 30 feet away when I made my special squirrel noise. I did the same thing Monday as well. I can only conclude that I have learned how to say in squirrelease, “Hey you! Yes, you squirrel! I have the world’s tastiest treat here and I’d love to share it with you.” Sadly I really did not have any food for either squirrel so they went away grumpy. Yes I know, I am a squirrel tease.

Two: I bent my office key somehow. I have no idea how that came about but this morning I had a stick-o-war with my office lock and key. It still works (sorta) but also dresses slightly right now. I’m going to have to figure out if I want to do something about it or continue on with a slightly failed key until it gives up the ghost entirely. Hmmm. I might choose lazy and wait and see.

Three: There is no garden report for you today. I have done NOTHING since I blistered my thumb again this past Monday. I really ought to have been out leaf gathering but I took a nap instead. Then I got up in time to go to sleep. The End. It’s raining today so unless the sun comes out and bakes all my leaves dry, I’m likely to not be out gardening tonight either. I did, however, hop on teh internets and buy up the roses I’ll need to finish off my front gardens. I got: (All images liberally stolen from Jung Seed. Pffft…as if my picture-fu were that good.)

Two of these, one for each side. They are called Home Run.

Two of these (Easy going). I’m wondering if I should have gotten Julia Childs instead because they are listed as nicely disease resistant and these were not. These grow taller though so I went with them. We shall in time see how wise that decision turns out to be.

And lastly, two of these (Ebb Tide). They are supposed to be deep purple even though they look all blue. The Ebb Tide roses are by far, my favorite. Conceptually. My absolute favorite would still have to be the crazy rosebushes because they just amuse me to no end. I might even go to the condo sometime this weekend and clip off another branch or too for rooting. Pink crazies for everyone!

I also picked up a couple different seed packets of petunias and 200 random hot pepper seeds. I’m hoping the petunias do that neat flowing out of the basket thing for my garden barrels. The hot peppers are just cool. Random hot pepper mote ahoy!

Well I guess there is a green report. HA!

Four: I’m looseleaf filing German stuff now. Not that I can really remember most of my German anymore but I did get myself out of a pickle the other day. It seems as if the German companies label their directions backwards from the American companies I have been dealing with. So in the column that is usually “Pull out and discard these old pages” is, for the German, the “These are the new pages to put in” column. Fortunately, I know that ‘neu’ is new and ‘herausenehmen’ is…well basically take it away. I don’t remember specifically what ‘herausnehmen’ means but I know ‘heraus’ is the sense of away and ‘nehmen’ means ‘to take’ so I put that together and discovered the backwardsness of German looseleaf instructions. I feel somewhat full of myself now. Not much, but a little.

Five: Recycling! Tomorrow is the day we load up the ancient, sacred graveyard of dead computer things that lives in our upstairs and take them to their final resting place. Re: Not in our house anymore! Best Buy is doing a Green Day thing and offering to recycle old computer stuffs and electronics. They did not know what they were getting into when they let us know about this. Muahahahah!

2007: I can hear them though. It’s like having mice! Giant book copying mice.

2006: nope.

2005: Anyone want to buy a condo? You do? OK, don’t read the rest of this entry MmmmKay?

2004: We all watched in rapture as our souls were sucked out of our body.

2003: I had another negotiation session with the Horde this morning.

2 Responses to “The Friday Random Five 4-25-08”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I hope the Ebb Tide roses are better than the Tidal Ebb scotch!

    (I do like that color)

  2. Boo Says:

    They probably taste the same, but I’m not buying the roses for their snackability! Heh. I also hope they are as purplerific as they seem to be (in other pictures that aren’t this one). Because that would be the BOMB.

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