Hi ho, happy Monday y’all. Yeah, I know…”Things” isn’t the most creative title I’ve come up with but I’m not so much in the creative title mood. So ‘Things’ it is. Also, since it is Monday I might as well tell you about the weekend.

Friday I snuck outta work a couple hours early for TheMan’s departmental picnic. I love taking a couple vacation hours just ’cause. And leaving at 3pm on the last day of the work week? AWESOME! However, it was gloomy and threatening all day and a little bit rainy and quite a bit windy so not the awesomest weather for a picnic. Fortunately, all the rain got its rain on out of the way before the picnic actually started so we just had to deal with the incredible wind and a little gloomy.

TheMan’s new department Wrocks, yo. They definitely have way more fun than we do (go figure…artists versus lawyers. Hmmmm!).

Friday night I sat down to look up some cat stuff in a book and wound up reading the back half of the book for the rest of the evening. I also found a good luck money packet from some past Chinese New Year stuffed in the book so go me!

Saturday was RECYCLING DAY! We got up early(ish) and headed on out to Best Buy to get rid of 4 computers, 3 monitors, 2 VCRs and a partridge in a pear tree. Heh. The gig started at 10 but we rolled up at 11 round-abouts the back way. The recycling peeps had commandeered the north end of the lot and had a semi trailer, a panel van, a hi-lo and were trying to figure out how to deal with a huge heaping mound of discarded electronics. Holy moley! It looked like half the town had been there already and tossed in everything that had been lingering forgotten for decades. Some of the discards made our old Heathkit TV from the 70s look modern. Scott H. would have found Mount Recyclemore very interesting indeed if he could have gotten to it.

Apparently, most of the people were coming from the main entrance and one recycle dude had this bright idea that everyone should orderly drive up one by one, unload, and then drive off. Brilliant! Consequently, the line to drop off stretched around the parking lot, out the drive, down the road, through the light, down another road and back up to the expressway. I don’t think they were prepared for people ransacking the attic for all the dead stuff that had been festering there since 1938. Nobody came with just one item so the drive up, drop off, drive away thing was causing all sorts of problems.

We asked if we could park and unload our stuff into the proper piles but NO! Mr. Cranky McStupidHead had a much better system that no one was PAYING ATTENTION TO! Because pulling up one by one is teh AWESOME! And nobody is LISTENING TO HIMMMMMMMMM! For indeed, dozens of people were pulling into the lot, saying “Fuck this bullshit”, parking and unloading. You can imagine that this did not go over well with Cranky McStupidHead. People were not RESPECTING his AUTHORITAY!!! He explained in frothing detail how things were SUPPOSED TO BE DONE which…yeah. We left and got breakfast, hoping that the craziness would be sorted out by the time we returned.

After a delightful Panera’s run and an equally delightful Great Harvest Run, we sauntered on back to discover no line whatsoever! Woah. They also had a couple Best Buy guys directing traffic which was a nice (albeit a bit late) thing. Then when we got to the mound of discarded stuff, the guys told us to park and lug it in. Whaddya know, the park and lug works BETTER than one at a time drive through and unload (Mr. McStupidHead). Imagine that, dickwad – oh wait, was that my outer voice? Oops, sorry.

We parked, unloaded and I was accosted by at least 4 different people wanting to know how the drop off worked. Errr…I dunno! I don’t work here; I’m just dropping stuff off myself. See? Stuff! I remarked to TheMan about how weird that was and he laughed and pointed out that we were both wearing our purple Webcast polos. Ah. Well OK then, but I want teh internets to know that *I* got dressed first today so it’s not *my* fault that we were wearing matching logo purple polos. It was kinda funny though.

Then we zoomed to Lowe’s to get some garden stuff with which I spent about an hour puttering through when we got home. Mind you, I did not get any more raking done (the leaves were wet! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Wet leaves means no rakey. Totally). Instead, I did a little bit of this fun and a little bit of that fun and if it wasn’t fun then I stopped doing it. Hedonistic gardening FTW!

Saturday night we boogered around on Warcraft and my pally hit 68. Whoot.

Sunday I got up at 10:30 (thankyouverymuch) and went out to rake the damned leaves. Fuckers. I spent 4 hours raking and hacking back out of control bushes and only marginally blistered. Hooray me! The back yard is STILL not totally raked. Fucking leaves fuckers. HAAAAAATE!!!

2007: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (unsalted)

2006: Weekend nothering for you.

2005: You could spill a cup of coffee two floors away and it would somehow wind up on my desk today. Le sigh.

2004: I get to do something different today, I get to proctor a full exam. Whooo!

2003: Looks like today’s proctoring is a laptop exam. I would so fail on of those. I type about 30 words a minute.

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