Wedding Somethings

NASA, we have T-minus Two Months and counting. Or something. Maybe. Whatever, rocket’s there more or less and at some point in time something will happen OK? Roger that.

Today is the official two month mark. After today we are in single month and day countdown as in tomorrow there will be but one month and 30 days. It sounds much closer when you start with “One Month” and blah de blah days. Right now, I’m too tired to panic. I’m not even sure if I am supposed to be panicking or not yet. Maybe I’ll just worry some, that way I have officially logged in my “distraught bride” hours and not have to get into the whole pre wedding jitters and all that. All that running around like headless chickens takes a lot of effort and I’m feeling particularly lazy right now.

So worry it is. (set phasers on ‘worry’?) Great, now I can check that off my list. Hee. Anyway, last night TheMan and I got the snail mail addresses, envelopes, directions, invites and stamps together in one place and started the thing that is “Wedding Invites”. 25 of them go out in the post today while the other 23 of them mark a little time while we stop by the hotels and check them out. Then, a bit of printing and wala! Hotel info for the out of towners. They will be hitching a ride in tomorrow’s post, along with the miscellaneous other addresses we discovered we did not have. You know, like my grandma’s address. Evidentially I always write/and or address her envelope at work because there seems to be a general lack of her address anywhere else. Huh! Sorry g’ma.

What else? Oh, shoes and a veil. Oh and unders. Why do I have to have special unders? Hmmm. Well I do, then I have to arrange for a dress fitting with said shoes and unders, which I am NOT looking forward to. Nope, no sir. I don’t like it. Could it have to do with the fact that I have been a lazy arse and not working out in the entire year that I have had the dress and known that I had to keep myself in shape for this day? Maaaaaaaybe. On the plus side, this begins week two of the BowFlex six weeks to a better body work out. All I’m sayin is that I hope the commercials get me into that dress all comfy like.

Flowers. Gotta coordinate those.

Lion Dance. Gotta get that all in motion. Maybe I ought to actually GO to the dojo hmmm? Oooo, that would help me fit into the dress y’know. Meh.

Favors. Damn favors. Stupid favors. I don’t wanna talk about them anymore.

Origami guys. Guess who is not folding any more origami guys? Whooo! That right there is worth the price of admission. I do have to organize the buggers into tables so all I have to do is show up with a baggie of guys and say “These? On the tables!”. Damn peepers, they are going to be the first guys in the bag. I hoe they suffocate.

Tables. Still working on the dressing.

Food. I don’t know! We got caterers. TheMan is in charge of that, go ask him. Heh!

Ceremony. Ummm, TheMan is choosing hymns and such. I don’t know from church songs…any suggestions? OH! We gotta look at vows and stuff and such. I think? Do we? Hee! I guess we have to look into whether we have to look at vows. I feel like work, I need a check list!

Rehearsal dinner: Gotta call Paesano’s and get the menu all squared away.

I have to get gifts for the girls too. What a Cheeto butt, I have known what I want to get them for ages, just haven’t gotten a round tuit. That and the store I was going to get them at went under. I’m still in mourning. It was a wonderful place. *sigh*

Hey, is that all? It doesn’t seem like a lot…OH! Dance tunes. I’m up to ‘O’ and topping 7 hours. IS that enough? I also have to go through and tag the slow tunes and listen to both dinner music and dance tunes to make sure nothing funky has happened in the ripping. Maybe I’ll hit the iTunes store to fill in any gaps. Anyone have any dance tune suggestions?

Well, I have to go mail the first batch of invites. How much does it cost to send a wedding invite to Japan? What’s the return postage on the RSVP? Hmmm!

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