Free Scoops!

Nom Nom Nom

Today was free scoop day at participating Ben and Jerry stores so I hope you took advantage of that if you could. And if you found a store that wasn’t participating, then I hope you got ice cream from somewhere else and took it into the store to eat it because I totally would have done something like that. What’s that about…stores not doing free cone day. That’s not right.

Our local Ben and Jerry’s, which I hate with a passionate HATE, was participating so we possed up and sauntered over en mass to get us some free cones. It’s the only day I’ll go to that one store because they plopped it right NEXT DOOR to home grown Stucchi’s and that’s low. Lower than a thing-that-is-so-low-it-has-tunneled kind of low and thus, I only go to that Ben and Jerry’s on free cone day. I feel it’s my duty to help financially burden the company by dwindling their ice cream reserves and I proudly go forth and strike a blow for the local man. And also I kinda like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream so double bonus there.

The plan was to hit Potbelly’s and get sammiches to go and then eat them in line. Which…HEE! But we couldn’t decide if we were going to do a lunch thing or a dinner thing. Badmovie, who is relaxin in the free time of unemployment, suggested both and for a moment I was tempted. I mean, that’s striking two blows for the little home grown ice cream man and two cones! However, I really don’t need two cones and it’s enough to make my statement once. But the thought did ring amusingly in my head for a while. We finally decided that the max number of us would be there at dinner so we met up after work to take Ben and Jerry’s by storm.

The one thing I have to comment very positively on with our local (HATE) Ben and Jerry’s is that they can move a line. Coldstone Creamery? You might want to take a saunter over on Free Cone Day with a notepad and pencil. I’m just sayin. So when we got into the line (with our tasty sammiches thankyouverymuch) four or five building fronts away we pretty much had time to munch on the sammiches, gab a little and then BAMN! We were in the store. I’m guessing they moved a 100 person line in about 15-20 minutes? Give or take time or people.

This year I was SMART too. I looked at the ice cream selection before hitting the counter (I don’t want to talk about last year’s faux pax) and I decided to go with one of the new flavors: Peace on Earth. OR something like that. It had little chocolate peace wheels, toffee cookie dough and some caramel something with a vanilla ice cream base. Divine. TheMan had Coffee Coffee Mocha whatever which was very chocolaty and very coffee-y. Tasty.

We came, we ate, we partook and then we drove home to cover the plants. I guess Free Ice Cream Cone Day is also Late Freezing Warning day too: Temps were scheduled to drop below freezing that night which…what?

2007: Too busy eating ice cream to update.

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2005: Now Iโ€™m a very good packer and I can get things to fit into a container that, given Euclidean space, were never meant to all fit in said container. No bragging, thatโ€™s just one of my weird Morlock talents.

2004: Yes, it’s true! With great glee I report that late in the day yesterday there was a single green sprout in the watering can.

2003: Another laptop test. 18 crescent moon dot computers, 2 vivos, 1 HP and 59 students. I can’t tell what the other brands are and really, who cares? Mac ban my ass.

6 Responses to “Free Scoops!”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I don’t go to B&J for the same reason that you mentioned. When I first moved here and realized they were near my much loved Stucchi’s, I was all, “Oh no you DINNIT!” I do buy the Chunky Monkey from Hillers sometimes, but I don’t go to the store.
    Remember your Friendly Stalker next year!! I want to go ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bubbles Says:

    In all fairness to the wonder and joy that is Coldstone, it takes a lot longer to smush in all the toppings and candy bits and berries and stuff with the base flavor for EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER than it takes B&J to just scoop out pre-made flavors. They’re not really apples and oranges, but they’re kind of kumquats and oranges.

    And while I understand the B&J-vs-Stucchi’s thing at least initially, the stores have both survived for many years side-by-side, so it can’t have been TOO bad for Stucchi’s business. It’s not like there aren’t other Stucchi’s around; they’d close that one if business were that bad. Besides, I gotta love any ice cream shop that stays open year-round in Michigan.

  3. Boo Says:

    Heh…I too buy B&J elsewhere. I’ve got nothing against Ben and Jerry’s except for that one single store.

    Yeah, Stucchi’s has survived but it’s still the principle of the thing where a giant coroporate store plops itself right next to a home grown store. B&J corporate could have eaten the loss of the State Street store much easier than Stucchis could have. Grrr! And the Coldstone in Arborland is slow beyond the mushing. S…l…o…w. ARGH!

  4. Kevin Says:

    Eh … I think Bubbles is probably right, actually. The mushing really does take a crapload of time.

  5. Boo Says:

    Oh, in theory Bubbles is absolutely right but in practice the Arborland Coldstone is mush slow plus extra stupid slow. That was my point, that THAT Coldstone could stand to take a few “move the line” tips. I’ve seen 7 employees behind the counter and one guy mushing while one other one runs the cash register. The other 5 were there for back-up tip singing I guess. It took them 20 minutes to move maybe 15 people because they could only scoop and mush one customer at a time. TheMan sez that that particular Coldstone is poorly laid out and thus, is dysfunctional.

  6. Kevin Says:

    It is poorly laid out, no argument there. I usually find the people who work there fine, but maybe it has to do with the times that I would go — mid-afternoon, or mid-winter.

    Or you just have the lazy-ass worker karma. Alas.

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