Japanese Snack Food Review: Edamame Pretz


Two things struck me as noteworthy when I opened these Pretz. One, they seemed a tad fatter than your average Pretz and Two, they had a suspicious light green dusting of flavoring in a subtle yet present quality which gave me pause. When it comes to Japanese eats, you gotta respect the green. Wasabi is a pale almost happy spring like green and Wasabi in medium doses will kill you. OK, so maybe it wont but you do not want to be taking light green coloration in Japanese food lightly.

With a bit of trepidation I bit into these Edamame (Pea! No look at the pic, is that not a pod of peas? From here on out, these will forever be Pea Pretz in my mind) Pretz and discovered that green can also be for, presumably, Edamame. By the way, I looked up Edamame (your welcome) and for those of you who were as clueless as I was a short bit ago, Edamame is a soy bean type of thing that tastes really good boiled and salted and also, evidentially, as a Pretz.

Edamame (Pea!) Pretz initially reminded me of Italian spices or a less salty and tastier Gardetto’s snack mix. The Pretz have a nice salt flavor to them but only as much as a good salty crunchy snack needs and the salty balances nicely with the crunch and the Italian spices. They seem to have all bases of salty snack covered in a very rounded flavor sort of way, even for being a veggie based snack flavor. I did not taste any overwhelming Edamame (pea!) flavor but both Bubbles and badmovie said that Edamame (pea!) Pretz tasted too much like vegetable to enjoy them. Bubbles and badmovie are also meat-a-tarians so most anything that tastes vaguely like vegetable is right out in their book. My mumses, on the other hand, (she likes her some veggies) was right thrilled with the Edamame (pea!) Pretz so I guess enjoyment depends on the enjoyer.

So, if you are not a meat, meat, and more meat hold the potatoes kind of person, you might agree with my


of 4 Wasabi Peas for Edamame (pea!) Pretz out of a possible 5.

2 Responses to “Japanese Snack Food Review: Edamame Pretz”

  1. Rands in Japan Says:

    Still in the early morning (1:35) but I have finished my scotch so I should be heading for bed soon. Eddamame are somewhat veggie tasting but to be truly enjoyed as the Japanese enjoy them you need alcohol. Eddamame are the Japanese equivalent of beer nuts and they are deelish. I always order them when we go out to a bar. So you should definitely be eating these pretz with beer or some other such intoxicating beverage. Or if alcohol is not your thing, at least with something to drink…

  2. boo Says:

    I’m down with the alcohol thing but I’m out of Edamame (pea) pretz. I can see where beer and Edamame (pea) pretz would be right fine tasty though. I’ll have to try both the Pretz and the Edamame (pea!) with some sort of beerage. Thanks!