Ye Ol’ Weekend Review

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Apparently Momma Bird isn’t so thrilled about festive visitors today. “You! Go Away! There will be no festivaling here!”

I already talked about Cheese Friday so hey! Off the hook. Whoot.

Saturday was the typical WoW (the game) in the morning where we did things and stuff. TheMan has found a new fun character to play so he’s planning on switching out his warlock for a shaman. Sadly, the shammy is about 15 levels lower than the rest of the crowd so he’s been off leveling up. The rest of us have been sort of boogering around doing this and that and…well…things and stuff. Man, we are boring as snot aren’t we?

We did redeem ourselves by planning a movie outing for the evening: Iron Man! We met up at Appleby’s for eats (where all the prom people also came…weird. Applyby’s for prom?) and then moseyed on over to the theater. OoooOooooOoooo! Guess what’s coming out soon! Indiana Jones and the something of something else. Glowing skull? Whatever – INDY! How does Harrison Ford still pull off Indy? He’s got to be 70? Hold on…OK 66. That’s close to 70 and he’s still action heroable. He must be drinking the same thing Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart are.

ANYWAY! Indy, Batman and other things that sound really cool plus three thousand commercials which weren’t cool. At least they are running them well before the show and previews. Iron Man is awesome, BTW. Fantastic casting with Robert Downy Jr., he makes an excellent bastard. Hee.

Sunday I tagged along with TheMan when he went to his business meeting. He and his business partner were talking shop while I sat down and wrote up two snack food reviews. I am perpetually so far behind on them it’s no longer funny. ARGH! But! I hacked out two and called it a day. After that was Badmovie’s game and then more Warcraft.

There’s always room for Warcraft.

2007: JSFR: Meltyblend (milk)

2006: As always, bananas are exempt. Why? No idea. Lucky I guess.

2005: Is it the weekend? Then I’m not updating.

2004: I check on them every so often and every so often there is absolutely no change.

2003: Man, cold ASS coffee is the hardest thing to slug down and the only reason I’m drinking it at all is because I’m thirsty and too lazy to get up and get me some hot water for tea.

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