One of Those Booniverse Days

Uranus helps the Smithee ballot counters stay on target. Bet you didn’t know that!

Today is, in fact, one of those booniverse days of perpetual blogging so I feel that I ought to put something up here to celebrate. Today is also a very SAST kind of day so that too is a rather booniversian kind of post. Double your money!

First of all, if MomQ is still reading the booniverse, what kind of bird was that in the previous post? I thought the momma bird was a wren or house sparrow or something like that but I can’t find a good match for the male bird. Unless he’s a juvenile which doesn’t seem right given it’s just the beginning of spring. He wouldn’t be that old would he? Also, I’m sad to report that this morning I looked out to find the nest all askew and momma bird nowhere to be found. I think she has gone done and flown the coop, which makes me sad. I also am suspicious about the nest being all canted over like someone or something reached up and spilled out the birds. I looked to see if there were baby birds or broken eggs on the porch but I could find no evidence of baby bird-a-cide. Unless they were eaten.

I blame the postman even though I have no proof that he tipped the nest and disturbed momma bird. I also have no proof that he ate any baby birds either but if the man will jump off my porch and stomp through my garden there’s no telling what else he’ll do. Our postman is the debbil!

OK, I’m not entirely sure that there were ever any baby birds because when I tried to get a pic of the interior of the nest I got a whole lot of twig shots and no baby bird shots. I’m still blaming the postman thought because I’m bitter about the garden tromping.

Gardening! My roses still have not arrived but the petunia and pepper seeds came. HUZZAH! Sadly, I am missing a pack of petunia seeds and the packets only have 15 seeds in them to begin with. At $3.50 a pop I’ma gona hafta give Jung Seed a ring and say HEY! They also wanted me to have started the petunias indoors 10 weeks prior which…maybe I’ll buy already sprouted petunias when I go out with LunarGeography on Saturday. The seeds ought to keep for next year right?

Right! Saturday LG and I are planning a giant Coleman’s run for PLANTS! SQUEEE!

This whole weekend is full of stuff to do: Friday is Girl’s Night Out, Saturday is plant stuff in the morning and Smithee Drinking Nite in the evening and Sunday is Mother’s Day/Mr. Paul’s Birthday (which is this Friday – happy prebirthday). I don’t think I’ll have time to Warcraft which is very sad. TheMan will have caught up and passed me by then…he’s already caught up 5 levels on us. YIKES!

And that’s just about everything. I need to write up some JSFRs in a bad way. Poor Junkies have gone almost a whole week without their fix. I’m working on it Junkies…hang in there.

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  1. mum Says:

    I think you have a common redpoll.

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