Done! Fini!

The Friday Night Girl’s Nite was a rather mediocre affair but not because of the company. It all started when TheMan and I got home to find a BOX on the front porch. SQUEEEE! My roses! My bare root roses…ohmigosh! I gottaplantthese POST HASTE! So before there was any Girls or Niting, I was digging holes in the ground and plopping in my brand new sad looking roses. They truly were pathetic with their roots all hanging out and their sickly post travel branch buds all “ehhhhh…light. must have…liiiight”. So I popped them in the ground and watered them.

Then I read the instructions and discovered that they wanted me to soak the plants for 24-36 hours before plopping them in the ground. Ahhhh…oops. So I watered the beegeebus out of them for a day and called it good. Darwinian gardening at its best.

Then it was off to hang with LunarGeography and TheRCK. We had Udon (which was tasty), and some sort of Akidaikiwhatever tempura tofu which was the BOMB. Our plan was to eat and watch the Smithees but the discs wouldn’t play for us. Drat! We watched some cool anime for a while but then I was all lame and sleepy as was LG so we called it an early nite. Truly, it was a rather poor Girl’s Nite because I am teh lamz0r.

Saturday morning(ish) I picked up LG for our grand gardening tour. We stopped for coffee (yum) and then at Lowe’s for supplies. There we discovered that there are two truths to Lowe’s: I will always lose my truck because 8 other big red trucks will be in the parking lot and 4 of them will look enough like my truck that I have to actually study the vehicles to figure out which is mine. The second truth is that LunarGeography will always get some big burley construction worker looking guy to unload her stuff into her vehicle. Sure enough, when we came out with a rolling palate of 6 bags of mulch and 3 bags of dirt my truck was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, I remember where we parked it so we rolled out to that general area until lo! Behind and totally obscured by a slightly taller and much uglier red F-150 was my truck. Hrrmph. There was no reason to park so I couldn’t even see my truck.

Then when we got to the truck and started hefting mulch, this dude and his crippled friend appeared out of nowhere and started hauling stuff off our rolling cart into the truck. Apparently they wanted our rolling palate and figured the noble thing to do would be to unload ours for us. That never happens to me. I’ve had guys linger until I was finished and then ask if they could have the cart but no one has ever come up and tell me that they were going to help and then proceed to do 75% of the work. With a limp even! Krazy! And also? I’m totally grabbing LG whenever I have to go get heavy stuff because having someone else load it in the truck for you wrocks.

After basic garden stuff was procured, we zoomed the zoom of zooming over to the super Coleman’s and spent some money. Perhaps too much money but it was all for the prettification of the house so ummm…good? I’m calling it good. I got a couple flats of annuals and perennials for borders and some ground cover and proceeded to plant up my gardens. Around 7pm, everything but the vegetables (I’m not talking about the vegetable garden) was in and I stepped back to admire things. Then I realized something: I was done planting my gardens. I mean done done. Like if everything lives (go roses!) the next thing that I’ll need to plant are the annuals next year. Woah! The gardens have been three years in the making; I’m a little stunned that all I have to do now is watch them grow.

Of course I still have the back garden to hack out and dig up this year so there is still something to do but the front and side gardens are finally finished. Weird.

Sunday we did indeed go over to my mom’s place for birthday and mother’s day celebrating despite the constant rain all day.

2007: Planning my gardens and not updating.

2006: If your eyes roll around like that ONE MORE TIME I’m going to leap at your face and eat them out of your head!

2005: You are going to thank me for not posting yesterday because yesterday was a day full of HATE and CRANK!

2004: BTW: In case you were wondering, the gingery effervescence of Vernors is hell on a raw scratchy throat.

2003: ‘Boomp-boomp-boomp. PoTAAAAAto salad. Boomp-boomp-boomp. PoTAAAAAto salad.’ and that is when we lost our shit.

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  1. Susan Says:

    I miss Coleman’s. A LOT!

  2. boo Says:

    Yeah…Coleman’s wrocks. The Super Coleman’s wasn’t as super as I expected it to be (maybe about a quarter more stuff?) but I liked the layout better and I think I liked the employees better. Plus…I got nummy garden stuffs and as long as I get my garden porn I’m happy.

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