Done! Fini! Redux!


I finally finished Project 3A and here it is in all its pieced together glory. It only took me about a year and a quarter too which is probably about a year more than it should have. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it either because it was originally intended for TheMan’s coworker, who was going to have twins. Or rather his wife was, but Project 3A has a counterpart (cleverly named Project 3B) which I’ve been assembling in tandem more or less. I think 3B’s swatches were done first but 3A was assembled first. Wait…wouldn’t that make them 3B and 3A then? Lemmie think on that for a moment and figure out which was what.

Regardless, the coworker told everyone of the impending happiness three months from the due date and I was all “ARGH! TWINS! I CAN’T MAKE TWO BLANKETS IN THREE MONTH’S TIME! ARRRGH!” So I decided that I’d get them finished as fast as I could (probably more like 4 or 5 months which is still good yeah?) I had a really cool idea to do two blankets in the same colors but one in dark tones and one in pastels. I also wanted to use up the vast quantities of dark blue I overbought for my sister’s blanket so that was the basis for the color scheme. And for two months I crocheted my little heart out trying to make 104 little hexagonal swatch deelies.

And I did. I even had to special order yarn for two of the colors (one for each blanket…how coincidental). Then, a week before the due date and about half way through swatching, the whole department was up and laid off. I was already too far into little yarn hexes to write the projects off but not far enough along to mail out finished blankets in a timely manner. A month passed, then two and then it was fall and I was still not exactly done with the swatches. It seemed weirder and weirder to send off the blankets and to tell the truth, my enthusiasm waned exponentially as time went by. But I was going to finish the projects by gum. Someday. Maybe.

And lo! Here it is Friday a year and a quarter later and I’ve stitched my last edging stitch on the pastel blanket and called it good. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it (and it needs a wash before it goes and does whatever it is that it’s going to do) but it’s done. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just save 3A and 3B for the eventual babyQ although part of me thinks that’s a weird idea. Here ya go kid, this was supposed to be someone else’s baby blanket but now it’s yours. On the other hand, when I was making it for someone else, it made me a bit sad that my first piece together blanket was going elsewhere. Now it’s not so yay!

The only things I have of note to say about the project is that it is a lot smaller than I expected it to be, but I guess that’s why they are baby blankets. Also, the edging is a whole series of reverse half double crochets which make a cool ropey looking border (and a really easy border to boot) but the actual crocheting is weird. It’s like crocheting backwards and I kept wanting to say “beep-beep-beep-” as I was doing it.

2007: Too busy crocheting to update.

2006: It takes me a loooong time to finish a project.

2005: Guess who took a nap Friday and guess who fell asleep and thereby failed to wake up the napping person for Stargate.

2004: So long that I don’t update years beforehand.

2003: I am clam happy if my toes are vibrant purple, shiny copper, bright arrest me red or goth black and occasionally I’ll mix and match if I am feeling up to it.

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    Oh man, you shoulda seen LunarGeography’s blankie. She did the spirals much better than I did and they were hypnotastic. Mine are more hypno-suggestive. Like “Hey, you know, if you aren’t doing anything at the moment you could cast your eyes this way. If it’s not too much of a bother.”

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