The Laziest Weekend Report Yet

This weekend can be summed up in just these few words: I was a lazy Cheeto Butt.

I was going to carve out my garden and plant some pepper plants but Saturday rolled around and I decided that I didn’t want to. No wait, I decided that I dinna wanna. So I dinna. I was also going to do laundry crafting but I didn’t want to do that either. So I dinna. I did do Warcrafting, however, and finally got to level 70 on my pally. Huzzah! That makes 2 total level 70 characters in the 3 plus years I’ve been playing. Go me.

Then our crazy leveling coworker had an awesome priest epic robe drop and he was all, “I miss healing. Ima gonna roll me up a priestie and make a healer!” To which I said “ARRRRGH!” because unlike some crazy leveling coworkers, I don’t HAVE three million bazillion level 70s which I can just trade out whenever I feel like it. In fact, I only have one level 70 character I can play because the other one is Horde and you can’t play Horde if your team is Alliance (and vice versa). ARRRGH! The closest character I have to a level 70 on our server is a level 20 which is like saying the closest bus station is in Chicago when you are in New York. ARRRGH!

So we put in a request to have my level 63 warlock from the very first server we were ever on ported over to the new server. I *might* hit 70 with warlock Tan by the time my crazy leveling coworker levels up a priest from scratch. I might also still be 68 or something when he blows by me. ARRRGH! At least there is an option to port over characters so I have a fighting chance to level up someone. Plus, I get to play with Crazy Warlock Tan again which is fun. Warlocking is a lot less stressful than healing and I might could use a break every now and then.

In not Warcraft news, of which there is precious little of, I banished kitties from the room at 1am Saturday morning for being little fucker furballs. One of them got it into their little kitty head to free range puke all over the bed in the time it took me to go upstairs and back which necessitated a whole bed change. At 1 in the morning, stripping everything, going downstairs to get a new set of everything and then remaking the bed makes me very cranky. Saturday was not a good day to be a cat in the Q house.

I also pieced together project 3B and stuffed it in my travel crochet bag. Although the baby blankets are small, they fit nicely in the smaller crochet bag for taking to work. The wookie has had a small hiatus but I plan to get back to crocheting that this week.

The flower garden grows (I haven’t lost anything yet), the vegetable garden is stalled on account of extreme laziness. I don’t think the driveway can support the peppers or tomatoes for much longer though so I really need to get a move on with the garden choppering. Yikes!

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2 Responses to “The Laziest Weekend Report Yet”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Buddy has done the “let’s throw up in the middle of the night!” stuff. Of course, when he is sick, he wakes me up and lets Jeff sleep.

  2. boo Says:

    Awww…furry animal love (which I could totally do without in the wee hours of the night). Fortunately, TheMan will wake up when the hoarking starts a-happening but he also goes to sleep at the drop of a hat so while I’m all revved up from trying to punt the cat to a more puke friendly place, TheMan’s all “Zzzzzzzz”. Hate.

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