Pic-a-nic Baskets

We had us a staff picnic today and it went off quite well.

I was on the planning committee and was in charge of publicity and music. Music was a piece of cake since I did it last year and everyone wrocked out to the tunes (mostly oldies of the 60s and such). I figured why mess with a good thing? So I fired up the old picnic tunes list the night before and…messed with a good thing. What? You can’t have the exact same tunes for two years running.

Really, I didn’t do much to the previous list except axe a handful of tunes I wasn’t overly fond of and subbed in some Jimmy Buffet, Harry Bellefonte and a couple Jamaican tunes for a more Island music feel (with a 60s wrockin backdrop). Laziest music assembly ever. The old list was still about 75% intact so I figured people would like the new list at least 75% right? And who doesn’t love a little Margaritaville? Especially right after the Dean’s all staff address. I’m not sure how that happened but it was golden.

I will have to remember for next time that the Coconut song, as awesome as it is, doesn’t wrock the tunes as much as I think it does.

The weather was a bit chilly in the shade but very nice in the sun and the Dean dissed my poetry. Heh. Part of the publicity was a row of Burma-shave type signs that we put out on the walkways to the picnic. One read:

Calling summer a little early
hoping the weather isn’t surly
The end of May we have picked
to have our all Staff picnic

OK see, this was a five minute deelie that I whipped off the top of my head because people were all “WHOO! BURMA-SHAVE POSTERS! Awesome!” but were not forthcoming with the actual poems. Which makes making the posters really hard if you want to have them say anything (really easy if you don’t) so I went to the Burma-shave site, got a feel for the billboards and doggereled up this poem. The Dean noted that “picked” and “picnic” don’t exactly rhyme when he got up to speak to us all. Personally, I thought it was kinda funny because he was dissing the Assistant Dean at the time and that was amusing ‘cuz the Dean is ALWAYS picking on the Assistant Dean. One day, the AD is going to snap and eat the Dean’s face.

But really? There was a poem and it was on paper and if you kinda mangle “picnic” it works. Words! I has them. Mostly. Besides, I never claimed to write good poetry, just fast poetry. Ask anyone who has received a birthday poem from me. Oi! Definitely the thought that counts.

In a total subject shift, I am happy to report that all 6 bare root improperly planted roses seem to have recovered from being bare roots and shoved in the ground rather unceremoniously. They all have at least one or two bud nubs that have started to leaf out. Nice. Even my yellow rosebush that I popped out of the front garden and then plopped into the walkway gardens (with very little in the way of “love’, “tenderness” or even “caring”) is doing well. I should totally bore y’all with a green report picto-blog because the new stuff is clam happy. Mostly. The impatients aren’t as bloomerific as I’d like them to be so I may have to go online and see if I’m doing something wrong with regards to them. Everything else though? Happy Happy (with some joy too).

We rounded out the day over at DQ’s house where she and the Qs (who are down for the week) are amusing themselves by ripping out her bathroom. It’s got…things and stuff and something or other MOLD! which yuck. I think it started as a window rot problem and is now a replace a lot of stuff in the walls problem. DadQ seems pretty confident about the project so it might just be an extra day kind of project rather than a “We need a bathroom contractor” type project. DadQ is pretty competent with the wall rippery and wood replacery.

We watched a net flix movie (War) which was…OK. I expected a little more martial arts goodness from a movie that had both Jet Li and Jason Statham in it but alas. Not so much. I also am a little “hrrrmmm” about some plot holes but all in all, a decent movie to turn your brain off and watch.

2007: Burma Shave posts are hard to do.

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2005: Doesn’t everybody have a shelf or two of books queued up to read?

2004: It does sort of imply the whole “in your church” which in turn implies that there is an “out of your church” as well so while it backs your freedom of religious expression, it also says (in black and white) that “[c]ongress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion”.

2003: I, in my usual spelling mode, typed in Belmont Steaks to find the date of the race rather than Belmont Stakes and do you know what popped up? A restaurant! Is that where the 13th-15th place horses go?

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