The Friday Random Five 5-23-08

Hello and welcome to a Random Friday Five. It might also be a picto Friday five…we’ll see when I get done with the entry.

But first! This is the devastated wasteland that is my unplanted garden. HATE! Violets really torque my nads when they are in my garden growing all vociferously. This will necessitate some serious time with a claw deelie and a lot of sweat equity to pull those damned things out. On the other hand, I love them hanging out in the yard being all violet-y because they are pretty and they grow like mad things. I suppose that since I chompered up a part of the lawn that they were growning in that it’s sorta all my fault, really, but I’ll still blame the violets for my garden not being in.

Secondly check this out…LEAVES! All six ill-planted bare root roses are at least getting on with the leafing and the growing to an extent that I feel safe saying that they have survived their manhandling into the ground. The three on the front north side of the garden are doing a bit better than the three on the front south side of the garden but that could be because the front north side gets more sun. Even my unceremoniously yanked and replanted rose shrub is doing well. As is my “I had hoped it had died” rose bush.

The barrels are…young. I’m envisioning the petunias eventually exploding over the edges in flowery happiness which will fill me with satisfied glee. Now, though, their sad sparseness is filling me with ‘meh’. The obedience plants are…not impressing me overly with their sitting there and not doing their plant thing. The bleeding heart plant is also not all that but last year when it was hyooj it looked pretty sweet so I’ll let it stay for now. It had to overcome being pretty much mostly dead this spring so I probably should give it a break. Overall, I’m not thrilled with the bucket mix and may change it up again.

On the south side of the green front, my Echinacea plants from last year are going gangbusters. The two I planted this year are holding on and getting established. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have ginormous sunflowers this year because there are only two sprouts in the line of ginormously planted sunflowers. I’m not even sure that the two sprouts are even sunflowers but I’ll let them grow until I know what they are. I also seem to have some other growy planted things that may or may not be the smaller sunflowers. I wish things would hurry up and be mature already!

Thirdly, I took a vacation day today which meant that I got to wake up when TheMan went into work and then have a good chuckle at my working coworkers as I rolled over and went back to sleep. I love that. The kitties and I snoozed in for quite some time (heh) but then I decided that I had to either get up or waste the whole vacation day so I went out to wage war on my garden.

Four hours of garden work and I only managed to chop out a 1.5 foot by maybe 10 foot strip. Still no veggies planted. I’m hoping to finish out the south moat line and then work my way back to the pepper patch, which might be repurposed for tomatoes this year. I still haven’t quite decided what all I’m doing with the garden mess other than pepper moating like a mad thing.

Have I mentioned that I hate violets?

Fourth: We went to see Indiana Jones and the Something of Whatever. Awesome. However, it’s a very Indy flick so a titch and then some of suspension of disbelief is required. Still, Indy! We went with a group of us plus the Qs for Indy and IHOP and made an evening out of it.

Fifth thing on my list is crocheting…of which I’ve done nothing on either project I’m itching to complete. ARRRGH! I blame Warcraft and gardening for sucking up my crafty time.

2007: “Yeah, you better bandage that up. Next time it’s the entire finger.”

2006: Still crocheting blanket project whatever.

2005: I don’t want to talk about Phantom Menace.

2004: What? It’s a HUGE blanket.

2003: Yeah, wastewater R&D can be filled with a lot more disgusting things than folding toilet paper – believe you me – but 75% of anything we did involved TP prep.

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