I don’t want to talk about the garden. Or Warcraft.

The weekend was…less than what I had envisioned it to be. On the other hand, I got a righteous case of chair-ass playing stoopid Warcraft. In easy to read format, here are the things I did not accomplish:

Finishing weeding and ripping up the pepper moat
Planting the driveway gang
Laundry (although I might have done one load. Maybe)
More dishes
Shopping (other than the Meijer’s run for things to take to mumses’s house)
Any crocheting
Netflix movie watchin
Any reading

And here is the somewhat smaller list of things I did accomplish:

Kitty snuggles…somewhat.
Ripping up at least most of one side of the pepper moat
Watering my planted gardens
Eating Japanese. Twice. yum.
Hanging with the Qs
Hanging with my folks (and the Qs)
Nomming on chives

I am quite disappointed that I didn’t take more advantage of the four day weekend to get the veggy garden up and rolling. Despite my utter lazitude though, I have not yet lost any of the driveway gang in the two weeks they have been ghetto housed next to my truck. This bodes well for my Darwinian gardening technique because if they can survive that long chillin in their tiny pots on a cement apron then perhaps they will do fantastically once I actually get them into the ground. Seeings as they are plants and all, they are probably more inclined to grow in dirt than on concrete.

Should I get some rectangular planters to put on the edges of the porch? Would that be too much since I also have barrels on the ground to either side of the porch? I’m a little bummed that the long rectangular planter style I like comes in 36 inch, 24 inch and a square foot. The porch edge spaces are 33 inches and it seems like a 24 inch planter would look a little forlorn with such a wide swath of not planter around it.

Stoopid mailman, I wouldn’t even be considering a porch planter if he didn’t go galumphing off the edge of the porch and tromp through my garden. Maybe I need some sort of discouraging hanging basket or something.

2007: JSFR: White Rabbit Creamy Candies

2006: JSFR: Hello Kitty Babies

2005: I just want y’all to know that Isaak is a mean, mean drunk and spent the rest of the day hissing at everything and beating up on Little-Kitty.

2004: We got 2 packages from Amazon last night…Bubba Hotep! Wheee! And…Bubba Hotep?

2003: Hey ho! Well, we got back from the up north yesterday at – wait actually it would have been today come to think of it – 1 in the morning.

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