The Friday Five!

The Name Game!

1. Is the name you have now the same name that’s on your birth certificate? If not, what’s changed?

Yup, same name but in one month aaaaaaaand…27 days I’ll officially be the new Mrs. Q! Oh! I have to practice writing my new last name so I don’t look like a dork signing boo all natural like and then block lettering Q like some second grader. Hee, maybe I’ll carry crayons for the first month or so as I’m getting used to signing boo Q. At least I’ve figured out how to make a cursive Q. Hey! Here’s a really fun game! Go up to your coworkers and ask them how to make a cursive Q, I bet that half or more of them take longer than a minute to dredge it from their memory. It looks like a fancy 2 incase you can’t quite remember.

Me, I’m going to take the printed Q with the Q traily going right into the next words. Like O with an attitude. I just like the round O look. O!

2. If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be?

I am going to change my name…last to Q! I don’t much mind changing the name even though it’s a substantial drop in alphabetical listing (going from B to Q. Ouch!) and the fact that I have been B for all my life so far. My idiot dad sorta ruined the whole B thing for me and I thought, “Yeah, I can drop the B and not be too sad.” If you had asked me 4 years ago I might not have been so quick to ditch the B but now, and especially with a Q (how cool is that?) I’m all about B? B who?

Now if TheMan was a TheMan Smith or Miller or something lame like that I might still keep the B. What’s the point of dropping so far down the list if you aren’t going to get something cool for the inconvenience of being just about dead last in a roll call?

The other names I’m happy with. I’m lucky that my full name’s diminutive (nick name) is different enough from the original long name that it almost seems like another name all together. On the other hand, half of my peeps know me by my full name and the other half know me by my nick name so when one group talks to the other they have a moment of confusion before they figure out that they are talking about the same person. It has resulted in coworkers hanging up on dojo people or housemates hanging up on family members. Still, it’s nice to have a name and a nick name that are related but not really close like.

3. Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?)

I am the first born so my parents decided to name me after my two great g’mas. This was all well and good except that my sister would have been (if they followed the tradition) Bertha Hildegard or something like that. I have good parents, my sis is named after two other people whose names are a little more main stream.

4. Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why?

I always liked Corwin and Montgomery for guys names because they sounded neat and interesting. Branwyn was the only girl’s name I came up with that I decided I could live with so I was hoping for boys. Hee. TheMan and I actually have our kids name’s all picked out (and they are not Corwin, Montgomery OR Branwyn), due to a mean soul fit I was having. The boy will be Theodore James (TJ), after my grandpa and TheMan’s dad, and the girl will be Nioma Paulene, after TheMan’s great Gran and in honor of Mr. Paul. Hmmm! I guess Pauline is spelled differently. I suppose it could be spelled the first way if we wanted to. Huh! I might like the way it looks that way. It’s a wonder what you can stumble into when you can’t spell worth a darn.

5. Is the analysis of your name at accurate? How or how isn’t it?

I did both my real name and boo and I am most amused by the outcome:

The name of My Real Name creates a very quiet, practical nature and a clever and inventive mind.

Quiet? No. Inventive, yeh.

Being analytical and naturally studious, you are interested in a factual understanding of the mysteries of life. Your methodical nature requires that you like to finish what you start without interruptions and also to have everything in its place and properly organized.

Analytical, yes, naturally studious? Did they get a look at my transcripts before they wrote this? Buahahahaha! OK, I do like to finish one thing before I start another, providing I don’t get bored with the first thing. Heh! And Organized? Yeah, according to the loosest definition of the word “organized”

An ability to concentrate could take you into computer programming or accountancy or any work requiring concentration and attention to detail. You have, also, a flair for creative expression with your hands.

IF I could concentrate. Notice I am NOT computer programming or accounting? Nuff said! I am creative and I talk with my hands all the time, does that count?

You take life seriously

*snort* In my dreams!

and can be easily and deeply hurt and go into moods which can be quite extreme at times, causing much turmoil and unhappiness. Finding it difficult to join in conversation with those with whom you are not well-acquainted, you could feel quite alone and uncommunicative with new acquaintances or in a large crowd. As a result, you could be accused of being unfriendly.

Hmmmm, maybe. I do have mood swings from pissy to bitchy, maybe that’s what they are talking about? OK the whole conversation thing? I like talking to people but I hate being somewhere where I don’t know anyone. Yuck! And yeah, I have been labeled “aloof” or “intimidating” on more than one occasion. Huh!

You desire so much to be understood, but your name has limited your verbal expression to such an extent that it is very difficult for you to divulge your innermost thoughts even to those closest to you. One of your greatest salvations is being out in nature, for it is there that you find the peace and serenity you so much desire.

Ummm, yeah about that nature thing, that would be outside right? OK, no I’m more a city boo, thankyouverymuch. I like me some outdoorsy stuff but I’m all about the modern conveniences, which you can’t find hiking in Yosemite. And that limit verbal expression? Excuse me while I roll over laughing. Limit and verbal just do not meet here in the booniverse. They are not even in the same room, OK?

Now lets work up boo shall we?

Your name of Boo has made you versatile and creative. There is hardly anything you cannot do if you put your mind to it, but a driving urge leads you to one experience after another, seldom finishing what you start.

Yeah! That explains the crap all over the living room to a tee!

You cannot find peace of mind or lasting contentment in anything you do. As soon as a challenge is met, boredom sets in, and you yearn for another experience.

Hmmm, maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on the thing. I never find watching too much Discovery Channel or TLC as too little a challenge. Reading books is also fun for hours and hours (and hours and hours). I get all sorts of Peace o’ mind vegging with a book or the tube. I do, however, get itchy if I’m doing one project for a long time, so maybe that has a ring of truth.

This restlessness makes it difficult for you to assume responsibility and to establish stable, progressive conditions in your life. You could do well in sales work or in meeting the public where quickness of mind and expression are all important.

Maybe that’s why the damn laundry seems to never be done…boredom of the laundry challenge! Seriously, maybe that explains the whole house work/home improvement projects that never get done. I’d love some stable regular cleanin action going on in the Q house. Maybe I can bribe the house faeries to work a little harder. Heh, yeah. Quickness of mind and expression? Now you are talking.

You have many friends, but lose interest in people very quickly.

That cracks me up. I keep thinking the three chili Eudora “You don’t have any friends”. It’s not that I lose interest, but rather sometimes the effort to keep in touch far outweighs the Cheetoness of sitting around and thinking that I might should get in touch with them sometime. Maybe.

Your intense mental activity spoils system and concentration, and plays havoc with relaxation and sleep. Out of your quick thinking has been borne hasty speech. Acting on impulse instead of with forethought has led to many disappointments and bitter experiences.

I’d say “Yeah, right I sleep just fine, thank you” except I know TheMan would just look at me with That Look and say those four magic words “1 a.m. Question Time” Heh, oh yeah. That. Maybe they are on to something. And that impulse thing? Lets just say I have to watch my mouth when I have a serious crank going because stuff can just fly right on out of there BAM that really ought not to.

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