Bits and Pieces.

Welcome to the annual Attention Deficit Theater meeting.

I call this meeting to order. The first item on the list is: Happy Birthday Sis!

Today, in about 3 hours, my sis turns 30. She’s pretty funny about it, playing all “I’m not bothered” but then again, she was the one who told me that at 3:57pm today she would turn 30, not when I had wished her a happy day this morning. She tried to counter with the old “I’ve actually be alive for 30 years already and this would be my 31st year” thing but I got her number. Yeah. Well, somewhere at least. I have the bestest birthday idea, which of course I cant reveal until after Friday when we all get together and do the birthday extravaganza but it’s very cool. And mean, cause I’m her big sis and I get to be mean. I also have this most excellent Thank you card to send off to her for x-mas stuff, which I should do today. Sometime.

Next item on the agenda: Levels of Annoyance.

1. Today is just shaping up to be one of those days. It started at 4:30 am when, for whatever reason, my body fired up the boilers and had me at waking temp when I was dead asleep. I have found that occasionally I wake up about 4ish really warm, flip off the top cover layer, fall back asleep comfy and wake up a couple hours later freezing my buns off. I thought is was some sort of weird clock thing where my body thought I was waking up and got everything all up and rolling from a dead sleep, only to find out it was mistaken so it shut everything back down. A friend of mine says when he eats late he does the same thing but thinks it is just the body finally converting that food to heat. We did eat late, maybe that’s it. Either way, it resulted in me waking up very warm, then deciding to change over the laundry as long as I was awake. Other than the basement floor being uncomfortably chilly (which I fixed by scooting everywhere on a towel. I am the mother of ingeniousness, I tell you) it was nice for a change to be out in the chilly early morning air. Then I went back to bed cooled down and fell back to sleep.

At which point, I woke up with the mind eating headache back from yesterday. It may be a dehydration thing, a sinus thing, a stress thing, a lack of caffeine thing, a Happy 2003 thing, who knows. TheMan has one too, maybe they are related. Hrrmph. Stupid headaches.

2. Next on the list is coworker agro. I need a bit of time and a little caffeine in the system before I’m ready to handle any emergency situations. Other people…not so much. The differences in thse two styles can lead to complications quickly.

3. Then the cleaning lady. She’s kinda weirdly lurky but she does get the job done so I can’t complain about that. I do wish she’d make more noise though so I’d know she was there working.

Last Item: The catch all box.

Towels! Yesterday I washed the towels my uncle got for us for Christmas so we could have fresh happy comfy towels this morning. They are really nice (note to self, write down the info for possible registry stuff), all thick and big. The lint trap was a treat too, I could have stuffed a pillow with the leavings from that one load.

Chicken Quesidillas (or however they are spelled). TheMan made a dish that was the BOMB last night. Took some chicken strips, plopped them from the frying pan into a bunch of freshly grated smoked gouda (thankyouverymuch, I am the cheese meistress), then cut some other cheeses, melted them on the tortilla shells, added the chicken and stuffed the whole thing in the sandwich maker. I tell ya, that waffle iron/sandwich maker thingit is great. We do burritos on it too, which turn out right fine tasty. Yummmm.

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