O Weekend, My Weekend

I has a GARDEN! Sorta. I has the start of a garden but I also has a lot of weeds yet to pull. I mentioned that the wonderful LunarGeography came over on Thursday to help me weed and we had gotten about two feet into the plant mess. My next goal was to make it to the old pepper plot so Friday was all about the weeding. Friday was also all about the staying out until I could barely see the weeds and being feasted on by all the mosquitoes in the neighborhood but by gum, I made it to the old pepper patch. Huzzah!

Saturday was nasty-hot and muggy. I decided I was too sore from weeding two days in a row and besides: Muggy! Hot! yuck. We played some Warcraft and did Warcrafty things (I forgot and it doesn’t matter really) in the morning, then watched Resident Evil 2 before heading out for IHOP. BTW, Resident Evil 2 also did not give me evening waking-mares, that being the scary time when you are trying to get to sleep but you keep hearing things that *might* be a Pinhead or creepy wet long-haired well child bumping around the house. Huzzah that. I’m looking forward to RE-3.

At six we met up with Badmovie for some IHOP goodness and I got stuffed French toast. Did you know that it’s really hard to just get the French Toast? They don’t have a thing on the menu for “Just the French toast”, although they do have French toast with bacon, French toast with sausage, French toast with bacon and sausage, French toast with eggs, French toast with eggs and bacon…and so on. I guess you just can’t have plain old stuffed French toast at IHOP unless you ask for it. I’d assume they would let you not get meat, eggs or hash sides. I may be wrong though, I have no idea how imperialistic they are about the stuffed French toast.

It was pretty good in case you were wondering.

Sunday I did no gardening either even though it was a really nice cool day out. Instead there was some more Warcrafting, then some turkey prepping (oh yes, there will be a soupin in the near future. Which reminds me, I need to put stock things on the grocery list) and then over to the BadGardens for the Sunday game. TheMan was illin so he bowed out and LG wasn’t at the game per se (she napped due to head splody but was up for Turkey later on) so it was Paul the Other, Donald and me. WHEEEE!

Afterwards, we had tasty turkey and watched Hearts of Darkness, a documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now. Awesome! Then I went home and fell asleep. The end!

Pepper moat!

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