Toilet Typhoon

Do you know what is not awesome? Waking up in the wee hours to wee and wondering what sounds like the upstairs bathroom faucet going full blast. Because if it’s running, it’s been running since midnight when the last person used the john and that’s a lot of water wasted. Do you know what’s even more not-awesome? Poking your head into said bathroom and finding the faucet as quiet as a mouse, yet still hearing that raging faucet noise. I’m not really good with the mental works when it’s that early morning but even an addled boo knows that if there is a rushing water noise then something in the bathroom has got to be making it.

This morning, that something was the supply line to the toilet which blew sometime in the night and hosed the upstairs bathroom with water since…well sometime after midnight. It also rained through to the first floor bathroom which we are (still) remodeling (BTW, I have a floor! It’ isn’t mudded down and stuck yet but all the tile pieces are cut and fit. And extremely wet). And then, as water is wont and oft to do, it continued on down to the basement where it sogged up the laundry I had hanging on the line, puddled in the cat box and then went for a walkabout until it found the drain.


I took an emergency vacation day on account of Typhoon John and did a little running around for parts. There was also some extensive mopping up to do since the flood waters didn’t just go nicely from the supply line to the basement drain. TheMan did most of the mop up detail (because he is awesome) and we’ve got fans a-going in all three flood zones and windows open to vent the moist. Needless to say, the floor isn’t going to get mudded and stuck this weekend cuz it’ll probably still be drying out. On the positive side, it was a really easy fix; $6 for a new hose (one that has “Flood control” so next time we won’t need federal aid for our disaster bathrooms) and wala! Working toilet.

Don’t know how water damaged things are yet, but the upstairs parquet floor is doing some interesting warping and the basement is…soggy (we had carpeting down there. Yuck). The first floor bathroom seems relatively untouched which is cool. I’m hoping the upstairs bathroom will dry out and unwarp and that there isn’t any hidden water damage in the ground floor bathroom. It would kinda suck if the ceiling suddenly decided to come down all plop ‘Surprise! I’m water damaged!” We shall see.

The plus side of taking a whole emergency vacation day is that after getting things as ship in shape as we could and after running toilet errands, I had half the day to do with as I pleased. It pleased me to nap a bit (being up since the wee hours and mopping water on three levels can take a bit out of a person) and then suit up for gardening. I may have bought a couple more plants while out erranding and I wanted to tackle more of the garden in hopes of getting the pumpkins in. Sadly, as soon as I was all dressed and ready to rip out vegetation, I heard the ominous pitter patter of rain.

Oh come on! All day it was decent and then right when I decide to go gardening it starts to rain? I don’t THINK so! So I went out in the rain and gardened anyway. HA! Of course I didn’t get nearly as far as I wanted to on account of it being wet, but I got two more tomatoes planted (8 in, 12 more to go), one hot pepper planted that I may or may not have bought while out doing toilet errands (what? I didn’t have any cayenne pepper plants in the first batch!) – which makes 13 in, 8 more to go – and two heirloom marigolds.

My next gardening goal is to weed up to where I’m going to plant the pumpkins and get them in. I think I have six pumpkin plants of various pumpkinage. Perhaps they are all pie pumpkins, I’ve lost track. I also have no idea what some of my tomato plants are going to be so that will be a surprise as well. There are two pole beans and some snap peas that I’ve not even started to plan for. Poor plants. At least they are off of the driveway and in the back yard now…that’s a step in the right direction yeah?

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2 Responses to “Toilet Typhoon”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Oh no it dinnit! I just read your beautifully written post to Jeff and he said, “That would really suck in our basement” and I was like, “Well of course, but why so much more for us?” and he said, “Cuz we don’t have a drain.”
    WTF?!? Our basement doesn’t have a drain??!!!
    Interestingly, Jeff is also on WOW and he is near a waterfall and it sounds like your house must have! But without the soggy mess!

    Oh Boo! I am so sorry! Hugs!!!!

  2. Boo Says:

    You guys probably have a sump pump or something instead of a drain. Hopefully! Heh. I haven’t played Warcraft since the great flood of Tuesday but I’ll bet some of the water sounds give me flashbacks. We’re doing pretty well here with the desogification and it’s only put the remodeling project back by a titch (ground floor still needs to dry out a bit so we’re giving it a week). Thanks for the sympathies tho 🙂

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