Baby You Can Ride in My Car

And other random Friday things.

Random One: OoooOOoooo! I forgot to post about carpooling with LunarGeography. This week marks the first week of STICKING IT TO THE GAS MAN by both the Q house and the house of BadGardens. I have no idea how the subject came about but we realized, after LG had been working at her place of employment for about six months, that she is pretty much right on our way in to work. Maybe it was the Memorial Day gas hike of ought eight (wherein it jumped 20 cents in about 4 days and didn’t start to come down until well, well after Memorial Day) that drove us into action. Whatever it was, we’re now graced with LG’s shining presence in the mornings and evenings. And best of all, we can say TAKE THAT, YOU CAPITALISTIC GAS PIGS!

I’m feeling somewhat full of myself for actively sticking it to the gas man.

Random Two: Dim Sum! Every now and then I pop on to a couple “visit now and then” sites, one of which is written by A2 native Kitchen Chick. She writes about foods she cooks as well as foods she eats, mostly around town. Ish. Anyway, she recently did a review of Chia Shaing’s dim sum and gave it many-many-lots rave reviews. I used to live down the block from Chia Shaing and it was awesome back in the day. But. They changed management in the early oughts (that would be 2003ish? Maybe?) and the food slipped a notch. Then the giant eel fish in the humungous tank died and the food was definitely not all that. I liked that fish. It was hyooj. I hadn’t been back in quite a few years but KC’s review made me decide to try Chia Shaing once again.

TheMan and I went out for Chinese late last week and we were going to try the dim sum but you really need a couple of people to truly make the experience. Ergo we got the usual which was…OK. Not as good as Lucky Kitchen near Eastern but serviceable. Still not as delicious as the days before the new management. And the fish. We’re getting a dim sum posse together for this weekend to give it the once and for all so I’ll let you know Monday what the verdict is.

Random Three: I have SO MANY projects lined up for this weekend. I probably wont get to them all, but here’s the list anyway for laughing at on Monday when all I have checked off is Warcraft:

Gardening – Pumpkins gotta go in yo. And the rest of my peppers. And the beans. And the tomatoes. And…
Norberts! Gotta at least start some of them cuz I need 4 in 3 week’s time.
Smithee Prep – Ballot kits
Smithee Prep – Buttons
Dishes. Always.
Working out
Dim Sum

Random Four: I got an e-mail message from our IT guy today informing me that my password isn’t secure! Oh Noes! Apparently they have a password sniffer program that looks at passwords and decides that if you don’t have three of the four possible different characters (Upper, Lower, Number, Symbol), at least 9 characters, no possible dictionary word in seven different languages (I kid. It’s only three), and no personal information then YOU ARE AT RISK! I’m having a cranky day today and it’s not like my password is 1234. Ou contraire. It does happen to be one character short of the desired 9 but other than that, it’s a decent password. And I change it up somewhat frequently so I’m really feeling like telling the IT guy to bite me.

Either that, or change my password to some totally random (but within the parameters) something and then e-mailing him every day saying “Dear IT guy. I complied with your request to change my password to something more secure and now I’ve forgotten it. Could you let me know what it was?” Seriously. A sniffer program that lets them know my password isn’t secure? How do I know THEY aren’t breaking in? Huh? HUH!!?! If they have a program that can tell my password isn’t secure then they probably have a program that can look and see what it is.

Which tempts me an awful lot to change my password to FuckY0uITGuy. Perhaps I ought to just let this lie until I’m in a better mood.

Random Five: Typhoon John has come and gone and left in its wake less damage than we thought. The tiles on the main floor bathroom (pictured in the last entry. With a balloon we rescued from the Meijer’s parking lot. Free balloon!) were a bit damp underneath when we picked them up but the ceiling did not come crashing down. The walls are also not moodgie. The basement continues to dry out well and the upstairs floor is slowly depuckering.

2007: Randomly not updating.

2006: Incidentally, someone asked me today if this was my natural color. I replied “Yes. I’m one of the rare pink headed people of this world.”

2005: Sunday sucked ASS in the weather department, which was a continuation of the Saturday “It’s so damned hot I’d spontaneously combust if I weren’t sweating like some mall fountain” so we decided to hell with hot, sticky and nasty, we were going to grill us some meat. Damnit.

2004: What entry? OH! Look at that thing over there!!!!

2003: I’m a big fan of romance and lust in the same package. Hee, package.

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