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Well wasn’t THAT fun! We had our first summer storm here Sunday and can I say that summer really knows how to put together a good storm? It certainly does indeed. We were out with the Dim Sum posse (note that, a check off my list of Friday that wasn’t Warcraft) on a late hot and sticky Sunday afternoon but by the time we finished up the skies had gone all gray/navy/green. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees too and the wind kicked up something fierce. We noticed the trees blowing like mad one way while the clouds were racing across the sky the other. And then, right above us, we noticed that the clouds were starting to go circular. Proto-tornado!

No funnel cloud though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the beginnings of a tornado like that but I have seen tiny funnel clouds.

Long ago far away I met someone who was from a part of the country where they didn’t get this kind of weather and that sort of surprised me. I can’t remember where they were from but they were completely aghast at how ugly it got and then how fast it blew over. I guess that’s just how summer rolls in the Midwest. So Sunday’s storm lasted about an hour, maybe more and took down a lot of trees and tree part and some power lines but for the most part we were fine here. The Q house managed to remain pretty unscathed too, just some tiny tree bits here and there.

Going back to Friday I got nothing marked off my check list because I was feeling like poo and went to bed. Mostly I think I was suffering from womanly issues and a hella lot of crankitude and ill will. Plus some minor aches and general malaise and other stuff that demanded nappies. The American kind, not the British kind. And thus, Friday passed by quietly and nobody was maimed and/or killed by me.

Please note that Law&Order peoples for when you come a-questioning me seven years from now.

Saturday Was supposed to be ugly hot and nasty but when I got up around 10ish it was reasonably nice. So I suited up, after dithering around, and went out gardening for three hours. The pumpkins are in! (also: Check!) I may have stomped over my field of weeds and cleared out just enough space to make a pumpkin mound for to plop in my wilty plants but by gum, I have planted pumpkins. Now I have to weed to my pumpkin hills but that’s a chore for another day. I also got in all my sweet pepper plants, four more hot pepper plants and cleared out a little bit of the strawberry patch.

We took a break and went out to eat and get some shopping stuffs done (Check!) and then I returned to gardening. Long about 9pm my stomach started cramping up all painful like. Ow! So I stood up and magically cured myself. Then I started back in on the sit, reach, claw, yank, sit up, twist, drop weeds into lawn bag and YOW! Cramps. Apparently four hours of modified weeding sit-ups will take its toll. I did no weeding Sunday and my stomach is happy for it.

I also finished up another book. Huzzah! On to Green Mars!

Sunday there was Warcraft (Check) until the Dim Sum posse (Check). LunarGeography and Donald joined TheMan and I at Chia Shiang and we randomly picked stuff from the back of the menu. Our waitress wasn’t very proficient with the English so there was much confusion when I asked her…well anything so we just up and ordered. We got some spicy Shezhuan cold noodles (very good but too spicy for me. TheMan loved them), some sort of pork and pea pods (excellent pea pods but the pork was fatty and weirdly sweet), crab and leek and fresh gingers (very tasty but the crab came in the shell. Messy. Very messy. Needs a bath sort of messy because how do you get crab out of a shell with chopsticks? You use your hands, that’s how), steamed pork buns and Chinese pancakes. The pancakes were awesome as were the buns. The seafood was delicious but really too messy to eat out in the viewing public. The other two dishes were good but I don’t have to have them again.

Interesting note: The chef came out to see how we liked the food. I think we amused the staff to no end ordering “real” Chinese. I’d do it again though (different dishes…maybe with the pancakes again) because it was fun and extremely reasonably priced. We got out of there for $15 a person, including tip.

The storm got me all wired (while giving TheMan a raging headache at the same time. Poor TheMan) so I got out my Smithee button stuff (Check!) and stompered out all the buttons I had. My hand hurts but I have a bazillionty button blanks waiting to be buttoned up and/or packaged for the Buttons in the Breezeway gig. WHOOOO!

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