Japanese Snack Food Review: Blueberry Cheesecake Pocky

And when they say Blueberry they aren’t fooling around. I opened up the package and was greeted by a wall of blueberry aroma. *Snnnnnnnniffffff* ahhhh. You can practically taste the blueberry from the little aroma molecules floating in the air. Like all the other flavors of Pocky that are offered (and I will get to most if not all that I can find) these are some sort of chocolate derivative, in this case most likely a white chocolate base with blueberry flavoring, coating about 3/4 of a graham cracker-esque stick. The Pocky graham cracker base is sweeter than Pretz but about half as sweet as a western graham cracker (the non sugared kind). Think of a Zwieback or Arrowroot cookie and that might get you close to the Pocky base experience.

One other odd thing I noticed about these blueberry cheesecake pocky is that the chocolate(ish) coating was not as thick as I have seen on other kinds of Pocky. Of course once I tasted them I quickly forgot anything like…what was I saying? DAMN these things are good! They taste like someone picked fresh blueberries that morning, then minced them up in a white chocolate dip, threw in some graham crackers and handed them off for eating by noon. Tasty!

After getting through the lovely fresh blueberry taste, there is an after hint of creamy. Most likely it’s due to the white chocolate flavoring coming through but it tasted reminiscent enough of cheesecake to me. This is a sweet snack, something for munching on after dinner or as a sugary break so keep that in mind when I decide-


I’m going to give Bluberry Cheesecake Pocky a 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of 5.

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