Summer Illin

Friday night, LunarGeography and I wrocked the ballot boxing and got almost all the ballot packs done. We ran out of baggies around 300 or 400 ballots (I forget, it’s all a blur) but we counted out 20 sheet paper bunches so when we do get bags we can just throw them in and be done with it. Note to self: Add baggies to the shopping list. It took much longer to count out ballot packs than I had anticipated but LG graciously shared her beer so the time went by pretty quickly. TheMan stayed home and boogered about trying to vanquish the dishes and whatnot.

Saturday I wasn’t feeling right in the head at all so I played a little Warcraft until we had a total, massive party wipe. I took that as a hint to go take a nap, so I did. Then I played a little Warcraft, took a nap, played some more Warcraft, took a nap all in 2-4 increment sessions (the 4 increment sessions being the napping part of the cycle). We had to bow out of Rob’s birthday bash because I had developed a raging head cold and TheMan had queasy tum. Fun times at the Q house.

Sunday was more of the same except more napping and more head plody. We missed out on a father’s day thing up at my mom’s place (stoopid head) and missed out on a lot of the day unless the majority of the day looked like my pillows and bed sheets. I expect it did not but I can not confirm that suspicion.

I took today off as a sick day and spent the morning napping off head plody. It worked, sorta but after two hours of boogering around I was ready for another nap. So I did. However, shopping needed to be done so after my second nap I loaded up on cold meds and wandered out into the world.

Did you know that there is a bright ball of light that putters around in the sky during the daytime? It’s really warm too. I think I remember something like that from last week. They called it…a…sun? Is that right? Whatever it was, it was out and shining! Woah.

Also, did you know that trying to do math while all doped up on cold medicine is counter productive? I gleefully got BOGO chicken strips (Buy One Get One! It’s like half off! That’s GOTTA be some deal right? HALF! OFF!) for $14. What a steal! Except that when I thought about it later, I remembered that on a good Krogering day I can get 2 bags of frozen chicken strips for $14 dollars so in the end it was more like breaking even. I’m hoping they are really good supreme chicken strips though and I got at least some of wikid bargain.

I was not suckered into getting the bag of chips at 2 for $5 even though it seemed like the best thing ever at the time. 2 bags of chips and only $5? That’s Awesome! Five minutes later (still standing in the chips aisle doing Dorito math) I came to the realization that 2 for $5 was $2.50 a bag which isn’t all that. I may have come home with some ice cream (4 half gallons for $10) and possibly some M&Ms (what? M&Ms!) but I blame the cold for those decisions. All in all an interesting trip which I contemplated deeply after unloading the groceries by taking a nap.

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