First Harvest of ’08

Strawberries! From my garden! Which isn’t yet weeded thoroughly so getting to the strawberries was a bit of a challenge. Still, they are growing and prospering and darned fine strawberryific. I had them cut up in my yogurt parfait snack.

Speaking of which, yet again I’m on a kick to wrangle the Q house food spending budget down to a reasonable size. $14 bags of chicken strips not withstanding. We haven’t gone out for coffee in a while (making our own at home) and I bought a tub o’ plain yogurt at the store and some granola in order to make my own yogurt parfaits. I did not buy a bag of frozen fruits though because even my medicated math impaired brain thought $4 a bag for what felt like a dozen berries was a little pricey. In retrospect, I should have picked up a pack of fresh strawberries that were on sale, sliced them and froze them until I needed them later. But I digress.

So I got the yogurt and looked around for some granola to put in it when lo! I discovered that they were selling Honey Bunches of Oats for $2 a box. Niiiiice but also I discovered that the HBoOs people have a new product out: Just Bunches (as a side note: TheMan thinks we should keep the boxes for storing underwear in). Bunches are like granola and were also on sale. Score. The only down side is that I think the coffee house uses vanilla yogurt because mine is definitely not as sweet. I like to think I’m doing my body good by eating the plain yogurt despite the fact that the vanilla yogurt is much, much better. Hrrmph.

Oh, I didn’t say but I felt a bazillionty percent better long about 10pm Monday night. I’m thinking the two glasses of sangria, the cold meds, Advil and bowl of chocolate peanut butter fudge ice cream was the magic combination because after that my head cleared up right quick. BAMN! I felt so good that I wandered around the property a bit Tuesday evening to check up on the green growing things. I think I’ve lost all the plants that weren’t in the ground yet but the ones that were planted are doing well. Tomatoes? Good. Peppers? Good. Marigolds? Decent. Roses? Gangbusters (I got blooms on all the plants!). Echinacea plants? Last year’s have gone triffid and this year’s are jolly good. Maple weed seedlings and cottonwood weed seedlings? It’s a wonder we aren’t a dense forest by now. Yikes! They’ve sprung up everywhere. I even found one growing on the windshield wiper of the truck. What’s THAT about? Crazy seedlings.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Freezing fresh berries is an excellent way to have them available for use year-round if you have a large freezer unit, which we do not (*le sigh*).

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