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Dangnabbit. I lost another I’ve-always-posted-this-day day in May. That makes two so far that I’ve blown off and the year isn’t even half over. I only had 45 of them to begin with and now I’m down two. Hrumph. It’s not like it’s that hard to remember either because I made a behind-the-scenes post with them all listed out so I can go and look at the months and see when I need to post. But no. Alas. I will miss you, May 28th as you slip from the exalted (but dwindling) ranks of Days Posted Every Single Year.

On the other hand, no pressure next year to post on the 28th either. Hmmmm.

Origins Prep. ARRRRGH!!!!!! Norberts need to be made and aren’t. If it weren’t for LunarGeography I would be sitting here with 5 arms and nothing more. Well OK, I made all the bodies (stalks?) and irises when I had to make the 4 for the A2 show so I technically have the makings for two and a half headless Norberts. I’m not sure which is more distressing: Headless Norberts or half a headless Norbert. There’s going to be a lot of frantic sewing at the Q house these next couple of days.

I did get all the buttons punched and pressed out for promotions-fu stuff and the Buttons in the Breezeway gig but I accidentally stayed up until 1:30am doing it. Thus, the cold has gained an advantage from my stupidity and I’m back down to about 85% good. Meh. On the other hand, buttons done! Check that off my prep list PLUS! I got to listen to some rockin tunes while pressing. Who knew we had a radio upstairs? Well who other than TheMan who said “You could listen to music on the radio while you do that.” He so smart! S-M-R-T!

NORBERT SHIRTS ARE IN! Mine looks so cuuuuute!

OMG! So much to do, so little time to do it in. ARRRGH!

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