Docket Number 30408

I’m starting off without a title because I feel totally uninspired. Which means, I suppose, this is going to be another non sequitur thing or…


Man, I am In. A. Mood. today (and that is different from any other day how you ask? Yeah, well Bite me Pinkboy). In the last 24ish hours I have been amused, disappointed, happy, disgruntled, cranky, sleepy, pissed, meh, tired, hungry and annoyed. I’d say I’m feeling bi-polar but there are way more than two emotions going on in that soup. Can you be…lets see…deca-mono-polar? What the hell is the Latin name thing for eleven? (you know, the bi, tri, quad thing-it-thing?)

Hee! My disorder goes to eleven!

OK, yeah. Moving on. So then, yesterday I spent a good deal of the day being sort of detached and amused at the same time. I think everything started when TheMan and I woke up 15 minutes before both of us had to be at work and from then on out nothing seemed particularly real in a Rod Serling kind of way. Then when I got in (8:45) I found that my computer had caught itself a virus. Normally that would be a bad thing and for maybe 10 minutes it was but I discovered that I did not have anything pressing due that I could not access on the second computer in my office. I would say I was at 90% efficiency while at the same time my computer was 100% hosed.

It was, you know. I was all excited that I might have found (or been picked to participate in) a totally new virus, which is kind of exciting in a “My computer is so totally screwed” sort of way. So I went to the MS home page, clicked download all the goodies now (like a good responsible worker bee) and waited. An hour later my computer completely locked up. Daaaaamn. I had to unplug it to get it to reboot and then it started in on this weirdly mesmerizing Dell splash screen/Windows splash screen/Blue screen of death/re-boot cycle. The IT guy couldn’t even break it without a new OS install. Cool. I tell you, when I break a computer I don’t fool around.

Just ask Dirge. Heh.

Speaking of which (segue!) TheMan and I stopped over at Dirge and Shar’s place to hang and do some slum lording but alas, they were not home. I wrote them a note and just as I was finishing up they all drove up. How does that always happen? I gave them the note anyway because I’m a goon.

Notes? Am I talking about notes? Watch this, I’m going to double segue on y’all because I’m going to not only tell you of another note BUT I’m going to tell you about how else I’m a goon. I’m all about the sharing. Two days ago I got a letter from the Oakland Public Library (which had its budget cut and Pamie of found out and went on this whole save the library thing and blah blah history cakes (but do think of giving to your local public library, it’s a beautiful thang!)) and they sent me the bestest thank you note ever! I was all full of myself with righteous helpatude (made up word, just deal with it) and feeling all very decent human being like when I sent them a pack of books and then Monday I got a thank you in the mail and all of the sudden I’m all 7 years old and “Lookie look! They actually thought I did something cool! See!!” Man, it’s one thing to think you are cool but when someone actually comes out and says “That thing you did? Very cool” all of the sudden I realize that I’m not a good guy just in my head but yes, indeed I am a real life good guy. Hee. I’ve been re-reading my thank you for two days like the goon I am.

Look! They actually liked and wanted the stuff I sent! How cool is that? Wheeee!

For a good hour today I was totally pissed off with our IT guy. My computer was still having troubles (it choked when it tried to download the service pack 4 install and just wasn’t working right. Nope, no sir, it was not working right at all) and since our IT guy bugged out at 3 yesterday (an hour and a half before the download was “finished”) I expected some sort of follow up contact today. Instead I found that the work order request was filed as “complete” without the IT guy actually coming back to see if things went well. My computer? Still hosed! Man, that ticked me off and I gave him an earful for it too. Buuuut he is on the whole a nice guy and amuses me so I didn’t add an addendum to the work request that said “My ‘Puter is STILL HOSED!” even though I kinda wanted to.

I don’t have a pretty segue here. Sorry. While over at Dirge and Shar’s we got reminiscing about good gaming. I miss a group that can stay in character and plays by the “rules”. Yes, there are rules of etiquette in the gaming world and they would include:

For Players
Don’t Bogart the glory: Everyone likes to play, that’s why we are all here.
Don’t be a whiny ass: Questioning things is OK, demanding or pouting or throwing a fit is right out.
Don’t heckle the DM: The DM doesn’t like it, the players don’t like it, just don’t.
Be considerate of the other players.

For GMs
Don’t be adversarial to your players: It aint fun to play when the GMs out to get you.
Be fair to your players: No one likes to be picked on or left out.
Let your players play: A good GM has an outline but can deviate from it when the players do something totally bizarre and completely out of left field. They will do it too.

Well, I’m fresh out of things to talk about. See yas tomorrow I guess, maybe I’ll have something more coherent to say. Now I think I’m going to crawl under my desk and take a nap. No wait, my feet have been under there and my birks have acquired a “personality” all of their own as of late. Whew! Maybe I can curl up in my chair or something. Hmmmm!

One Response to “Docket Number 30408”

  1. dirge Says:

    Yes, boo can break any computer, but in very creative ways. You get points for that, you know.

    About gaming… I used to be an avid gamer. I actually looked forward to getting together and enacting my character. Then something bad happened. I can’t attribute the disdain for most gaming as purely a function of “growing out of it”, because I still buy a fair number of D&D products and *think* about gaming. I’d have to say it is the people, or rather, most of them.

    Things I take for granted in gaming seem to have slipped out of the “gaming” world. Enacting a character, one of your own creation, seems to be rare. Game worlds all seem to be heavily influenced by a certain good aligned drow (damn him), a white-haired two-dimensional Gandalf whose creator is often pictured on a riding lawn mower (damn him, too), or Monty Python skits (not damned in general, only in conjunction with gaming).

    In short, there is precious little “epic” gaming left. I want to *be* my character when I play, to step into those boots and try to experience the fantasy world; unfortunately, bad players and bad GMs take you right out of that. Blah.