I Sound Like a 13 Year Old Granny

So yeah. Origins prep? Sorta. Cold? Giving 110% and more.

Oh man. I am so, so far behind on my JSFRs. ARGH! I am also not as ahead of the game as I want to be in terms of gardening, prep work, or getting less sick.

Friday I fell into bed after work and didn’t wake up until Saturday morning. How’s that for easy reading? What I did Friday night: Nothing. I think I managed to put the smack down on the sinus evil part of the sick but something went very off with my voice. It was hopping and cracking all over the place and also sporting a wikid gravely undertone such that I was simultaneously doing my best 13 year old boy impression and an 80 year old pack a day smoker impression. I will admit, I amused myself for quite a while croaking out “You kids, get off my lawn! Why back in my day we didn’t even HAVE lawns…”

We were invited over to Stalker Patti’s house for ribs and bad movie watching and it amused me to take my freaky voice on the road. The movie (The Horrible Dr. Bone$) was sort of lame but had a kicking soundtrack. We also watched the MST3Kd version of The Thing That Would Not Die which was awesomely hysterical. It should have been more accurately called The Thing that Lived for a Very Long Time but Was Sort of a Wuss There at the End. It’s a bit of a chunky name but fits the main baddie a bit better. Patti made the best rhubarb custard pie I’ve ever had, Jeff made tasty, tasty ribs and I made a sort of strawberry mousse trifle thing which wasn’t too bad.

Sunday I did nothing despite LunarGeography’s and my headway on sewing Norbert heads. They are all sewn up as of midnight Saturday (huzzah!) but I was just too lazy to stick the tentacle hands and heads on the body stalks, stuff the heads and glue on the eyeballs. So I did not. I did do laundry though which surprised the daylights out of me. Oh, I also did the dishes as well and found the kitchen counter. That too sort of came out of nowhere so go me. However, I wasted a totally gorgeous gardening day napping and loafing about so the weeds got to frolic and the tomatoes got to sit around a little bit longer in their peat pots.

Origins is in two days. I’m really not ready.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I would have helped with Norbert! Next time, let me know!!!! 🙂

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