Origins ’08: Predestination

Our rather surprising view from the hotel window. I guess the Drury is a giant block of a hotel with an inner court yard thing. Huh!

Yeah OK I’m post dating but I have all the news that is news about our Origins trip so that should count for something right? Right! So the Wednesday plans were for the BadGardens and the Qs to mosey on out of town all carpool like. Stickin’ it to the gas man, yo. Can you believe the price of gas? If I could carpool with everyone going to Origins I would just so the gas man (or rather men I suppose) wouldn’t get their greedy nickel off of everyone who drove there. But I digress.

LunarGeography and TheMan had to work all day which is a bummer in terms of leaving but in the general sense of things it’s two big thumbs up for being employed. I had the vacation but decided to work because what’s the point of taking the day off when you aren’t going to be leaving until the end of the workday anyway? None. No point indeed so I too worked, at least until 3pm. I had an extra annoying 2 vacation hours and we had to pick up my mom’s car so Badmovie and I zoomed the zoom of zooming up to my mom’s place to trade out vehicles.

BTW do you know what is, in theory, a most awesome plan but in practicality sux giant moose wang? Scheduling vacation right after an hour long meeting. I was all “Meet and ZOOM!” but sadly the reality of it is that everything that has been pending for days suddenly gets situated in that hour you are meeting. Then when you get back to your desk to grab your stuff and shuffle out, hey! A note! Dear on vacation person: Here’s the stuff, the ball is in your court now. Kthnxbai!

ARRRGH! Thus I was late meeting Badmovie and I learned an important lesson about corporate America. Fuckers.

BTBTW, my mom wrocks because she loaned us her car when our previous ride was accidentally totaled. We would have never made it down much less back with all of our stuff plus the miscellaneous Smithee stuff if it weren’t for her. If you feel like leaving a comment about how totally cool my mom is, I’m sure she would get a giant kick out of that. I know I’m gonna.

By 7pm we rolled out. Smitheebots – ROLL OUT! Then by 8ish we hit a ferocious storm, which was trying its best to wash away Ohio. Do you know where the water goes in a state that is flatter than a roadkill pancake? Nowhere, that’s where. It just sits there being all rainy and not draining anywhere because it can’t cuz there’s no place for it TO go. Fun fun! We followed the storm all the way down to Columbus and finally broke out about 20 minutes from our destination. Poor, poor TheMan’s driving eyeballs. However, as soon as we pulled into the Drury and remarked that ‘gee, it hadn’t rained here yet’ the tornado sirens went off and the storm found us.

In case you were wondering, the safe areas of the Columbus convention center Drury are the downstairs meeting rooms. If you can’t get to the lobby then the safe area in the rooms is the bathroom. This lead to quite a lot of giggles as we “Needed to visit the safe room” and such. Yes, we are 12.

2007: They wanted you to finely grind the zest up, which I interpreted as “take it off the orange” because at 5:40 in the morning, I ain’t finely grinding anything, much less orange zest.

2006: Not going anywhere…not updating.

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2004: She bounced back alright but I’m not allowed to break the baby again.

2003: Last year it was at least a day before any major squabbling got under way so it will be interesting to see how the pre show grumbles have effected the group dynamic.

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