Origins ’08: Buttons in the Breezeway

Buttons? We got ’em!

Having arrived late on Wednesday we started out our day by missing the free breakfast. Fner. Well I guess that we needed the sleep. Or something. Fortunately we planned for just this sort of thing and brought our own foodz. After a delightful breakfast of bagels we wandered over to the convention center to pick up our badges. Stinkin’ badges never go right and as per usual we had a bit of a thing before we finally all were badged up.

Then it was time for lunch and shortly after our first event: Buttons in the Breezeway! We were all official too (I got my GM packet and everything) so we proudly commandeered two tables. One for the pressin’ and

One for the makin’. We discovered last year that pressing buttons jiggles the table and makes the colorers a tad tetchy. Even with my stylin’ new button maker (LOVE!) we were wobbling the table a bit so I think the two table set up is a go. We also met up with a couple of the Smithee-awards Live journal posters which was a hoot. Hiromasaki and SgtRockNRoll wandered by to press some buttons for their own event (a wedding chapel thing. Very innovative!) and Hiro stuck around to chat. And press buttons. Poor Hiro has an even lamer Badge-a-minute press than I do so I let him steer the button maker for a bit. I think I might have made a Button Biz convert.

While Hiro was pressing (and enjoying the begeebus out of it – SO EASY!!) a gaggle of pre-teen proto-anime girls wandered up to the table. They were instantly asquee about make your own button and set up camp at the Making table. Then they discovered the press and were absolutely fascinated by that. They had to keep going back to make more buttons so they could watch me (or Hiro) press them. Then the group, which we dubbed collectively a ‘chibi’, realized that we were giving out the premade buttons. That seemed to wrock their world so they asked if they could give some out. Being a lazy Promotions Ninja I said sure. Five seconds later my entire stock of premade buttons was gone and being dispersed along the breezeway.

Then they met the Pixi Stix guy. A sugar fueled chibi is a frightening thing, we couldn’t press buttons fast enough before they were back for refills. Scary! But effective. One of them remarked that people would take a button if you complemented them. World? Watch out, this chibi is going to grow up to be a force to be reckoned with.

Chibi aftermath.

Then it was 5 and we packed up and wandered off to happy hour. The Schlock guy was running a game at 7 and because we missed all three games last year we wanted to especially pop in and say hello. After all, Schlock is a game based on the Smithees!

As best as I can remember, the fella (of Blue Hen games) has all 19 categories represented and starts off with four piles of cards: Hero, sidekick, villain, and goal…or something like that. Anyway, he has various different Smithee villains and plots and whatnot and the players draw until they get all 4. Then they come up with a Ludicrous Premise and go on from there.

It’s a really fun game to watch. We stayed, handed out some buttons and then called it a night. Huzzah!

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