Origins ’08: Space Marines HELLO!

Space Marines!!

Friday we got to putter a little more about the dealer room and I may have spent some money. What? Looney Labs had a Zombie Fluxx promotional and a snazzy Zombie Fluxx wooden box. I also picked up a neat game from the Out of the Box people called Zen Benders. It’s sort of like that 8 tile game in the 9 tile holder where you shift around the bits to line numbers up or make a pic. You can shift the Zen cubes in the same sort of way but you can also flip them around to different patterned sides. They have a whole bunch of complete patterns to strive for in the case (yellow is easy, green is medium and blue is hard) and I think you can get more patterns online. How cool is that?

Here’s my awesome new Zombie Fluxx box and cute chittery critter. It turns out that the lady that I’ve bought the jellyfish on a stick and the sleeping sheep (for my sis) in the past is a Smithee fan. Whoot, I got to put another face to an online name.

And the button brigade. I can’t decide if my favorite is the Origins button that I got in trade at Starbucks or the ‘Please may I tie you up’ which came from a corset selling dude. Of course, Monkeys still love me but I was sad that Eight Foot Llama didn’t make it to the con this year. Neither did Cheese Weasel. Sadness.

The Blasphemy people did make it to the con but we knew that ahead of time. TheMan’s business partner (Hi Kurt!) works with the game designer and told us we should go say hello. So we did just that. In fact, I managed to get a couple totally random people to go up to the Blasphemy peeps and say “Kurt says hello”. If I had been on the ball, I would have asked the Morton’s List people (Origins Scavenger hunt thing) to add “Go to the Blasphemy booth and tell them ‘Kurt says Hi!’ to their list of scavenger hunt stuff. THAT would have been golden.

Kurt says ‘Hi”.

Then it was noon and time for our Space Marines game. We had checked them out earlier and decided it might be a fun thing to try. And it was indeed! About 15 people sign up per session and you set out on a mission in an Aliens kind of atmosphere. You can be a marine or a Marine medic or an engineer (I wasn’t quite sure if the engineers were marines or not) or a corporate suit. Our scenerio was that our drop ship landed badly at a mining facility and we had to get parts while fighting off monsters. I was super impressed by their organization and gosh is it fun to shoot monsters!

After which we met up with the group and headed out for ice cream. Jeni’s Ice cream to be exact. One of my coworkers was gifted with a 6 pack of Jeni’s ice cream a while back and when I learned that they were but 2 or 3 blocks from the convention center, I organized an ice cream posse. Did you go see the flavors? Go check them out. No really, I’ll wait because YUM!!

Sadly LunarGeography, who had taken a nasty spill the first day out, stayed back at the hotel to nurse her achy foot. TheMan also stayed behind so Badmovie and I took a list of tasty ice creams and headed on out. We decided to get one scoop each of: Cherry Lambic/Poached Pear Riesling (two scoops, one bowl), Belgian Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Gelato, Honey Vanilla/Salted Caramel, and Lime Cardamom/Grapefruit Hibiscus. We started with the chocolates and decided that we didn’t really have to eat the other ice creams because the chocolates were so freekin good! Then we moved on to the Lambic/Riesling and THAT was the best two ice creams we had ever tasted. Then the vanilla caramel pairing was the best! Ice cream! Ever! Then of course the lime/grapefruit took their spot. But then the chocolate! And THEN we started mixing different flavors on the same spoon. Caramel/chocolate, pear/lime…and we all died of ice cream ecstasy.

We recovered in time to motor on over to Hiromasaki and SgtRockNRoll’s event and hang with them for a bit. Sadly, they didn’t get as many paople as they thought they might which was kind of a bummer. They had a really neat idea (Origins Wedding chappel) and a lot of people who heard about it thought it did indeed sound cool but I guess the publicity didn’t get out there in time. SgtRockNRoll did “marry” a couple’s LARP characters which was different. Hiro’s fiancée took pictures with a wikid awesome professional grade camera (jealousy? I has it!) and the happy couple went away “married” with awesome pics.

Later on we all got together for an amusing bout of War on Terror until the small hours and then we called it a night.

2007: “WTF?!? I don’t remember having that roll of fat at lunch time, where’d THAT come from?”

2006: First, may I give myself a nice pat on the back for getting all but one half load of laundry done? I think I shall.

2005: That evening we pressed 100ish buttons and Sunday we pressed 100ish magnets and lo! The Smithee promo prep was done. (Technically the unfinished sock puppet isn’t on the promo stuff list so HA!)

2004: The row shuffle looked like auditorium space invaders but we successfully got 11 rows of chairs to more or less uniformly advance by a whole row.

2003: I got a tie. A TIE! I lost and got a tie.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Please may I tie you up? is the best pin ever!! It has that whole “I can has cheezburger?” vibe, plus it’s kinda kinky.

  2. TeacherPatti Says:

    Ah! I just went back and read this post carefully (I was rushed last time and just looked at the pictures). Now I know what the Space Marines look like! Priceless 🙂

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