The Friday Five!

Music to sooth the savage beast…and stalkers!

1. Who is your favorite singer/musician? Why?

Haven’t these questions already been asked? I swear I have answered this already. It went something like Oh, it depends on my mood blah blah artist cakes. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a Rockin’ Rush tunes, or maybe a bit of Johnny Cash (sniff) or a tad of Evolution Control Committee (whip cream mix!), but some days are made for a little Ludwig Von and others are clearly Metalica days. On any given day, these and other artists may be my “favorite”. I’ll listen to about 90% of the music genera…

2. What one singer/musician can you not stand? Why?

But not rap in most cases. Some rap is good (Run DMC) but the crap that is all “bleepity bleep man gettin me bleepity bleep down. Me and my bleepin homies are gonna blepin get some guns and cap the bleepity bleep gangstahs. Bleep!” is just not music. If the rap actually has some content and not just words that rhyme and cursing put together then I’ll listen to it. I don’t even know any rap artists so I can’t give you any names of ones I can’t stand.

One singer I don’t particularly like to listen to is Mariah Carey but that’s because she always has this high pitched dog whistle of a scream she puts in her songs. Nice pipes but it make my ears bleed. If she wasn’t into putting the human equivalent of the National Weather Broadcast System warning squeal in her tunes then I might not mind them so much.

3. If your favorite singer wasn’t in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person?

OK, if my favorite singer wasn’t in the music business, how would I know of them in the first place to figure out if I liked them still even though they aren’t in music? OW! I think I just broke my brain. Hold on…alright everything’s still where it is supposed to be, more or less. This ranks right up there with that stupid sock or shoe question way back when. Are we supposed to know these people on a personal level or did we just go all stalker fanboy there for a moment? I don’t know what y’all are doing when you are listening to your favorite tunes but I’m bee-bopping to the music (read: listening and appreciating the aural artistry) and not fantasizing about some sort of secluded me and the artist on a paradise island thing. Is that what people do when they listen to their tunes? Tell me y’all don’t do that creepy lust after the singer thing whenever the music comes on…do you? OK, now I have a blood curdling truly soul frightening image planted in my head of me and any number of my favorite artists stuck on a desert island. Most of them are dead and some of them are Rush. Glahhhh.

4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show?

Alright, back on track with the questions that have any sort of merit. Yeah, I’ve been to a few concerts in my life, most of them in my youth when I didn’t much care for silly things like my hearing. The list starts with…well, Starship: We Built this City tour (Hi. My name is boo and I have been to a Starship concert). It was a birthday gift for a friend of mine, he chose the band.

Steve Winwood: Roll with It. Pretty cool concert and this one was really supposed to be my first concert except I wound up going to that Starship thing.

Fleetwood Mac: Never Break the Chain. I kinda wound up at this one because so-in-so backed out of a ticket and there you go. It was interesting in a ‘band that has been around forever’ way. Band members kept drifting on and off stage and for a while Mic Fleetwood was the only one there banging away on his drums.

Mike & The Mechanics: The Living Years. This was a small venue gig so the seats rocked. The best story has to do with the pre-concert hype. 6 of us were going to this thing and one of the six was your usual fangirl who was ALL about the band. Swoon much? ANYWAY, she was designated ticket getter which meant she was stuck on the phone calling and calling and calling. The rest of us were down a ways playing Euchre in the hallway or something. Suddenly from down the hall there was this otherworldly shriek and she came busting out of her room. She was yelling and jumping and running full tilt towards us while her very ample chest kinda…well…I have never seen a set of boobs independently try to knock their person out cold. When one wasn’t trying to bludgeon her face the other stepped in. I was in awe.

Sting: Soul Cages (good) and Brand New Day (good). Nothing cute to report here other than he is my first double artist.

Rush: Counterparts. They have some good pyro and the band seems to just have fun playing. I like that in a band. We were on the Geddy Lee side, which I am told is the bossest place to be.

Jimmy Buffet: Paradise College. OK, the situation wasn’t so keen in that my mumses and Mr. Paul had a huge knock down blow out so her ticket became my ticket BUT I urge anyone who has never attended a buffet concert to go, if only for the crowd. Parrot heads crack me up. I swear they started tail gating two days before the concert and probably continued for days afterwards. The crowd is like a show at the show, there were beach balls and stuff happening all over. I wasn’t sure where to look! The music is cool too.

Peter Gabriel: Us. OK, best concert ever. The man knows how to sing and he puts on this huge stage performance. Boooyaw!

Pink Floyd: Division Bell. We went to the second concert, which was really the first concert offered until they decided to put another date on the tour before the original. Brain hurt yet? Anyway, the sound was abysmal (venue fault) but the entire second set was Dark Side of the Moon played all the way through. The experience was a beautiful thing.

Cheap Trick: I don’t even know what they called their tour, it was free tickets and we went for a laugh. It was a pretty decent show and the balding guitarist guy just ripped into the crowd. THAT was funny.

They Might Be Giants: NO! How can you pass up a show named No? Plus they are supported by the Band of Dans. How cool is that? John, John, Dan, Dan, Dan. It’s like a full house of musicians! Hee. These guys also performed at the same small venue that Mike and the Mechanics did but this show was much cooler. I think it mostly has to do with the band, they were having all sorts of fun up there. They played all of Fingertips (which is a tricky song) and at one point in time Flansburgh went tooling back stage (singing) and found a rolly chair, which he commandeered. For the rest of the song he drifted to and fro in the chair while singing. It looked utterly bizarre.

5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from dowloading free music?

Hmmm. Well, if there is no legal rigamarole than keep your laws off my free music! Yeah, and stop going after 12 year old kids Mmm’Kay? On the other hand if the free music is bypassing copyright laws and all then things is not so good. Hey, lets all just get our downloads from Apple’s iTunes! They got a sweet deal where you pay a buck a song (saves having to shell out $16 for an album where you only like one song on it anyway) and you can transfer it to three computers? I don’t know, go look at the site. Buy some tunes!

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