Origins ’08: In Conclusion

Man, Sunday at the con sorta sucks because you gotta spend the morning getting ready and out by 11 and then what? Hang around and play games while your luggage chills in the car? Plus everyone and their brother has to check out before 11 too so there are never any wheelie carts and the front desk is swamped and RESOUNDING MEH!!! Although we have been using our kidneys these past few years and have wheelie stackable luggage and a wheelie cooler that can be dragged along. With stuff stacked on top of it. We’ve gotten pretty mobile (after spending two or three years waiting hours for a luggage cart) but we still have to get rolling (hee!) and out by 11.

And then…maybe one last trip through the (decimated) dealer’s room and then it’s hidey-home. Badmovie made the novel suggestion of booking a room until Monday one year which sounded mighty good come 10am this morning. Of course if they move Smithee night to Friday then Saturday will be late night hangover morning so maybe Sunday won’t be as trying. Hmmmm!

We did the usual half hearted dealer room trawl and then packed things up for good. Good-by Columbus…see you next year. I did get to see my oldest chibi on the way out so I hooted a friendly hello at her. She was with some other (non-chibi) kid who was all “Who is that?” to which my chibi responded “I was her Smithee Awards chibi”.

Double awesome WR0X0RZ!

I kinda hope my chibis are around next year because it was really fun winding them up and letting them go. I’m toying with the idea of making them special chibi buttons because I can. I also kinda want to make Space Marine camo monster buttons so that the Space Marines can’t say the buttons don’t match the uniform.

But! We had one last mission before we were done with Columbus and that was to find and eat at Schmidt’s in Germantown. Did you even know that Columbus had a Germantown? I did not but there it is plain as the nose on Mapquest. Well maybe it’s a Germanvillage rather than Germantown but still. A whole pretty cobble street with German-y stuff. Neat.

Incidentally, we independently arrived at the desire to eat at Schmidt’s when a coworker of mine let me know that they had the Best! Cream! Puffs! Ever! (half pound o’ puff…that’s KRAZY!) while Badmovie was trying to get back to that “one restaurant that had the sausage bar”. Also, oddly but perhaps only for me, we’ve been trying to make it to ‘this German place’ for a couple of years now and guess what restaurant it was? Schmidt’s!

Of course we had a bit of a wait (in which it rained buckets when TheMan had to go back to the car for something) so we wound up strolling through the nearby candy place. They were in the process of packing up (and giving away free samples of) some fresh made chocolate walnut fudge which…ick. Walnuts are the debbil. I tried a free sample anyway because fudge! but I figured the walnuts would pretty much bring down the whole fudge experience like they always do. Au contrair! It was perhaps the best fudge I’ve had in a long time…walnuts and all. We did not get any fudge because nobody really needed fudge but our resolve to be good crumbled in the face of hand wrapped butter caramels. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Oh wait, what? Right. Reserve. We has none or at least very little since we walked out with six or seven caramels to try on the way home. Ummm…it was for science! Right!

Best! Caramels! Ever!

Eventually our name was called and we finally got to eat at Schmidt’s. Yum! If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping by. Their black forest ham sammich is right tasty and the cream puffs are delish.


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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Totally make the chibi pins! Everyone loves when you remember them, especially pre-teen girls 🙂

    Jeff and I were downtown today and I was like, “We should totally stop by Boo’s work and stalk her. That would freak her out!” But I wasn’t sure if you are tucked away or not. I still have my Bar card, as I am still licensed, but I was looking very un-lawyerlike in my short pants and shirt 🙂

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