A Week Without Work

I took the day off today as well. HA! And as it is also the day after Origins I planned to do NOTHING the whole day. HA^2! Sadly TheMan had to work today so I was out a loafing companion which would have made the day perfect.

I’m also off tomorrow and the rest of the week, because I can, so I’m on vacation from my vacation. Except I have Big! Plans! for Tuesday through Friday so today is really my vacation vacation before I start in on my “Clean!” project. I’m hoping to get up with TheMan and put in a work day of cleaning and whatnot to try and get a couple areas of the Q domicile wrangled. The dishes need attending to, as does the garden, the JSFRs, the misc. STUFF what creeps around the house and there are still bags about from the trip. I’m not sure how much I will accomplish of my Clean! mission, especially the getting up at work hours part, but at least I’m all a-fired up about getting stuff done. Something will happen, mark my words.

I did do a little not-loafing stuff today when I took the bug in to get fixed. Poor bug won’t start (or drive) right so with the help of Badmovie I gunned it all the way to the fixit place so they could have a look-see at it. Hopefully it isn’t something Uuugly because a large car fixit charge after coming back from a vacation kinda sucks.

I also wandered about the property looking at things and stuff. I have proto tomatoes!!!! I also have pumpkin flowers and lots of hot pepper buds. That stands to reason, I have lots of hot peppers. I also also have a shit ton of weeds that really need to be yanked. Man, I hate weeds. They are festively everywhere. I don’t remember it being this bad last year, except in the veggy garden, but this year it’s like the weed fairy visited. I had plants growing ON THE TRUCK!!!! What? ARRRRGH!

But today, I’m on vacation.

2007: JSFR: Kabaya Kisyu Ume

2006: The owner of the company (Mr. Looney himself) gave the bride away and the couple wrote their own vows. Dr. Seuss style.

2005: I, of course, found monkeys!

2004: They loaded, and loaded, and loaded and…I thought we were going to be in Vancouver for the next three days there was so much luggage.

2003: For the whole first half we were alternately dragging chairs or ballot bimbo-ing, depending on the time.

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