Clean! Sorta.

Hi there. The Clean! project. Yeah. It’s taken a few interesting turns which I guess is cool but a little unexpected. Tuesday I suited up with intent to wreak havoc on the garden, complete with choppering out more of the weed proletariat and reclaiming the borders. Except I couldn’t find my choppering shovel. Anywhere.

Hrrrm! This was vexing because I had put it away right where it currently wasn’t. I was pretty positive about that too, but I did go and look in the space where I also may have put it away. It wasn’t there either. I thought about ditching the choppering and just sitting down and weeding but…my shovel! I was missing my shovel! I CAN’T CHOPPER WITHOUT MY SHOVEL!

Thus I spent a decent two hours cleaning out the garage in hopes of…well not finding the shovel because it was gone daddy gone but trying to navigate about to look for it was driving me nuts. For instance, there was an aquarium right in the middle of the floor. Why? I don’t even remember owning an aquarium of that size but there it was. I figured it was a broken one inherited from Dirge and the crew but further inspection revealed an intact tank. What was it doing here? Whyyyyyyyyyy???

Whatever, it had to go. So did a bunch of cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous stuff we tended to toss in there until trash day and then forget about. It! Had! To! Go! Sadly, my two hours of mad rearranging and garbaging didn’t produce awesome results (in the words of Badmovie when I asked if he could tell I had been working in the garage, “Ummm…I see that you have a bunch of stuff on the curb to go out.”) but I like to think it’s the start to an awesome cleaning. At least my plant stuff is all in one place now and not all over, that has to count for something right?

Moving on!

Today I’ve been doing mostly electronic stuffs (which do too count in my list of things to do…Mom!). I wrote a booniverse update for some of Origins, dinked with pics and wrote and photographed JSFRs until I was current. That’s five entries bingity-bamn and three in the back wings waiting to post in the future. You junkies are all probably passed out with shock about this but any of you who still have your wits can go take a look-see over at the review.

Most of the pics were taken outside on my front porch which I’m starting to really like doing. The light is awesome for my feeble camera skillz and anytime I don’t have to use the flash y’all will be thanking me for. The only down side is that I can’t carry everything out at once so the snacks have to chill for a bit while I go back and get the expensive stuff. I have a slight mental thing about leaving snacks on my porch unattended where the bugs and ants have free reign. Who knows what’s been crawling all over my Pocky while I’ve been collecting the computer and camera. Blergh. But it’s not so big a mental thing that I can’t pretend I’m not thinking about it and move on.

Still. Ant feet on my stuff. Yuck.

Tomorrow I’m going to kick it into gear and get the house and/or garden done to. I finally located the chomper shovel way in the way back of the garage where someone put it when it was in the way of the grill. Hrrm!

2007: I also packed for Origins because it had been long enough between washing that most of what we were going to take was dirty and packing was easier than folding and putting away. I’d say I was a genius but in fact, I’m lazy.

2006: Even though drunk packing might seem like a really bad idea, it beats the socks off of hung over packing.

2005: Sadly, we did not get to see who stole Ed’s Pants as we had to catch lunch.

2004: All I can say about the experience is that nowhere in MY book is a Danish less than two inches in diameter.

2003: The bushes have all gone bazoo and have taken to giving me the evil eye every time I walk by.

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