Fourth Friday Picto-goodness

My roses are bugged!

OoooOOOoooo! ToMATto babies. I still need 6 tomato cages to do my garden up right (and a Hoe or a Ho, whichever will weed all those damned stupid squatter plant shits) but there you have them: Prototoms! I thought I had 3 grape tomato type plants and 7 regular tomato plants but one of my regular toms appears to have the same sort of grape clustering as the grape plant next to it. Perhaps it’s a regular tomato that clusters. I’m going to have to look up my tomato varieties and see what they are all about.

Peppah! I have this one Hungarian hot pepper and thirteen bazillion protopeppers. Why? No idea. Maybe this one’s the scout.

Pumpkin’s a gettin it on. No baby pumpkins yet but I do have flowers. Now stop staring at them you perv!


I’m really liking how the side of the house is coming along. My climbing roses are climbing happily away near the front; my English daisy ground cover is cute as a button and my coneflowers wrock. Look at them!


The only thing I am going to change is the sunflower placement. I think I’ll start the plants indoors and then stick them in the ground where I want them to grow. This is the second year I’ve had unexpected sunflowering from sown seeds. Still, it’ll look righteous when everything is where it’s supposed to be: 10 foot sunflowers hanging out by the house, coneflowers marching along in front of them and the English daisy doing its ground cover thing. It may take a couple years to realize excellence but I think I’ve got the right mix fro it. WHOOO!


2007: I want a motorized cooler! How fun. WHEEE!!

2006: Forth of July nothing for you.

2005: JSFR: Rich Fran – strawberry.

2004: Because if there’s any one thing I’ll gladly stop for (mostly as a pedestrian) it’s a parade!

2003: I remember thinking “Hey, wait, this isn’t about happy kids and cool things, this is about DEEP STUFF! Grown-up stuff! Ow my brain. Ow!”

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