The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Things that happened worth reporting. Or not. Take a read.

What is good in life? -Conan the Barbarian

TheMan and I have decided once and for all to get down to this eating and exercising thing. We both worked out last night and we both agreed that we just need to stop eating out. 1 month 17 days ’till the wedding and more importantly, one day further into the rest of our lives. We aint going to be spring chickens forever, better establish the good habits now right?

My Pants are cuffed! No really! I am geeked about this like you wouldn’t believe. It is very hard for me to find pants that fit because I have very long legs, a big butt and a small waist (in comparison to the butt) so I’m either gapping in the back, wearing floods or squashed like a sausage in the hips. Sometimes all three. It aint pretty. So I decided to try men’s pants because I figure as long as I was gapping in the back, I might as well get them long enough and Lo! I have to cuff my jeans so I don’t trip over them. Whooo!

I am also wearing my new jewelry from the RenFest. TheMan and I went with Scott and saw the sites. The usual. This year I was all sorts of fascinated by jewelry and I bought a very cool set of lady bug earring danglies and a necklace charm. They is tres cool, the lady bug is a hollow shell and behind it is a garnet ball that shows through the spot cut outs on the lady bug’s shell. I love them!

We got our first wedding present in the mail! It was very exciting. TheMan and I were not sure on the etiquette of opening wedding gifts so we left it be (after opening the packing box to check it out. It was wrapped inside the packing box). Later, after checking, we opened it and found a happy fun present! Wheee! You wanna head something freaky? I’m looking forward to writing thank-yous. FREAK! TheMan and I decided to put up a web page that displayed the gifts because we weren’t sure how and where to display them. Stay tuned for details!

I am participating in Operation:OFB and since there are no hills here I would really call hills, in the proper definition of the word, I’m climbing the stacks (10 floors of books!) three times a week. I hope to climb them every day and so far I have been, although to be fair it is only the second week into the challenge. 10 floors is a lot of work!

The Bad
Good, Bad, I’m the guy with the gun! -Army of Darkness

Fried Twinkies. No. Just…no. I was curious, they were at the RenFest, we split one (three ways) and there were leftovers.

The turkey. Well, maybe not bad but it didn’t taste fresh. It just tasted, meh. Then my stomach started to gurgle so I threw the rest of it out. Of course trying to drink 3 gallons of water (OK, but as close to 108oz as I can. I’m on ounce 61 and I have to pee. Again) today as well so maybe the gurgling was my liver up and floating away.

Gooey Cakes. You will have to wait for the Japanese Snack Food Review on them but I think we have ourselves a 1 wasabi winner. Their only redeeming feature was after a couple of bites, they didn’t seem so putrescent. I think they are laced with crack.

The candle guy had some new candles out and one I almost got (and I might next year if I can find a place to display the ones I already have) I call the pig puker. It’s the same large mouth gremlin figure as the pig popper but he has only one pig left in his arms and foaming green spillage out his mouth and down his front with pink pig chunks in it. The best part was the expression on the remaining pig’s face.

Climbing 10 flights of stairs is a lot of work, my legs are all squiggy.

I tried on my wedding dress last night. It doesn’t fit. I’m going to have to have it let out. WAHHHHHH! Fortunately it’s not too tight. I’m not a total lard ass. Yet.

The Ugly

It has been raining here pretty steadily all day. I think the window wells are going to fill up. No seriously. Rain, lots of it.

At one point in time I had 4 holes pierced in one ear and one in the other. After I joined the dojo I found it kind of a pain to take the earrings in and out all the time so I stopped wearing them. As a consequence of this, my upper most hole closed up so now I only have three and one. Friday, I decided to go all bedangled and discovered the second to last hole had closed over. Damned if I was going to lose a second hole so up and re-pierced it. Ow. Remind me next time around to just let it go. Ow. Ow! It’s all red and hurty. ow.

I can’t decide if one of my committee members is being a butt or not but they just aren’t making life really easy by any stretch of the imagination for planning a meeting. First it’s this thing, then that thing, and not on these days, and not at this time and blah blah blah so when I finally DO get a meeting scheduled they tell me “I have a standing commitment at that time”. You know, when I asked if there were any standing commitments I would have thought they might have said something.

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