Wahhh. Pants.

Uuuuurgh. My legs rebelled against pants this morning because they have been footloose and fancy free for about a week and a half. Poor, poor confined legs.

Wait a minute, let me clarify that they were in some sort of society acceptable covering before you wonder how I got away with being pantsless in public. Shorts and sweatpants, however, do not impose the same sort of restrictions on a body that pants do. Wah! I have to go to work and dress for it too. *sniffle*

Work was…not all that. Especially after loafing about for a week doing odd jobs here and there when I felt like it. I was also a bit cranky when I found out that something didn’t get done that I had asked to get done because…oh hell. I don’t know. Whatever. CRANK!

Stuff I did get done this weekend included: Lots of Warcraft. Too much Warcraft in fact but you know what? I DON’T CARE! Oh all right, I sorta do care but I had a lot of fun hanging out online with friends and playing so I’m not caring that much. Besides, I shoveled out the living room on Friday because we had guests.

Really, there wasn’t a whole lot to do in the living room which surprised me. Most of the stuff was easily gathered up and relocated to elsewhere and then a triple swiffering took care of the ghost kitty corners. I was expecting to be working on finding the living room for hours and then…zhoop! There it was. I have more hope for the deep cleaning project now that I know a lot of the clutter is surface clutter. I’m still on for trying to get the house in better shape before the Bru-ha-ha but I don’t think it’ll be the nightmare I was anticipating.

Friday we hosted a modest grilling thing and invited DQ, the BadGardens and their new houseguest Nix to partake in grillage. The badGardens brought cheesy brats (yum^2) and we cooked up some marinated pork. The pork wasn’t the best of cuts so it was a little tough but as usual, TheMan wrocks the grillin (yo) and everything was tasty. DQ brought over some chili and I made cake to get rid of the one can of caramel frosting. What? That can’s been sitting on my shelf for ages mocking me for not having a cake. I don’t cotton to no mockery from frosting so I had to make a cake to shut it up. Permanently. Muahahahaha!

Saturday we did the usual Warcraft-y things and I got another level on Tan. I may have too many incarnations of Tan because I’m also running a Tan in a Dragonlance D&D game. Thus when TheMan said, all excited like, “Oooo! Tan leveled. We should look at what cool things he gets!” I was all, “Uhh…yeah. I guess.” Granted 66 is cooler than 65 but you get one talent point and a lame spell. Whoopie-doo. Now 70 is when all the excitement should be let out of the can since it’s the end game and you get a flying mount AND all sorts of tasty spells. 66? Not all that. Then I realized he was talking Pen&Paper Tan who just leveled to 10. It takes forever to level in a Pen & Paper game so that was indeed exciting.

In the evening we wandered over to the corner brewery for some Smithee drinking nite action. Sean-whose-name-is-Nate was in town as well as Ogham and his new wife. Rob also came over to hang and the usual crew was there as well. It was one packed table(s) and we had a pretty wrocking time.

And then Sunday was a giant waste of fun Warcrafting. TheEnd.

2007: I may have even gloated, although it was a short lived gloat since part of my gloating involved Herschel. That’ll put a damper on any festivity right quick.

2006: I am going to have to go to war with the stoopid bush/weed tree fiasco which we thought we might have professionally pulled but it turns out that we are not. Don’t ask, at least I get to do some plant massacring.

2005: Right! I have a small skirmish with the Horde to contend with and then it’s cherry washin’ time.

2004: Whittier, where the snow is still knee high by the 4th of July.

2003: How am I supposed to eat my soup with a clam in its calm housing looking at me from out of my Miso?

3 Responses to “Wahhh. Pants.”

  1. Bailey Says:

    What’s the story behind Sean-whose-name-is-Nate?

    Can you post recipes? Please? I seem to drool a bit, reading your posts…

  2. Boo Says:

    Hee. Sean-Whose-Name-is-Nate is a friend of TheMan’s. Apparently, SWNiN joind one of those debate team things in high school and since they already had a Sean on the team and had just lost a Nate to graduation (but still had the Nate name tag) the team told Sean that he was going to be Nate for debating. Then when Sean got to college he thought “Hey, nobody here knows me, I might as well BE Nate.” So he was. And that’s how TheMan met him. Later on down the road Sean discovered that it wasn’t as cool to be Nate as he first thought so he went back to Sean. When TheMan introduced me to Sean, he called him “Sean-Whose-Name-is-Nate” and that’s how I think of him.

    The cake recipe is super easy: Get a box o’ cake. Follow the directions. If you are referring to the cookies in the pic, those are from MomQ so I don’t have the directions. I’ll make an effort to put more recipes in though, it’ll give me something to post in the lean times đŸ™‚

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Can I add a part? TheMan called his house during one of the breaks and said, “Is Nate there?” and they said, “No one is here by that name.” After the break, he was all, “Uh…called your house, it was the wrong number.” And SWNiN said, “Oh. They might know me as Sean there.”

    That’s just the best line ever!

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