Ass Network

Isaak Don’t care as long as the cat spice flows!

Hello booniverse campers. It seems like the Q house is offline for a bit as our modem decided to finally take a dirt nap. I think. It’s been unreliable for quite a while now, going down about three times a week at its best and once a day at its worst. Buuuuuut if you go up and poke it with the poke of “HEY! GET TO WORK YOU!” it seems to remember that it is a modem and should be talking to teh intertubes. It’ll hum its happy hum of reconnecting and all is fine.

Then, every 8 months to a year, the modem just won’t do the happy hum of reconnecting. Just won’t. Nope. So TheMan has to call up the DLS peeps and say “Hey!” and they give him some new settings to try and lo. The modem works again. Monday night we hit another “I need new parameters please” milestone with the modem so TheMan went through the whole process of this and that and asked if there was a newer more reliable modem out that we might get to replace our space cadet one. The DSL peeps said that all the new customers got the Awesome Modem 2000 but we would have to pay for it. Ummm…what? Words were said and they agreed to upgrade us for free but we pay the shipping.

The upshot is that we have no connection to the outside ether world for a while at home. Arrrgh! How do people live like this? They be keeping me from my internets! Fortunately we have NetFlix so TheMan and I spent a Luddite night watching a DVD of The Third Man. Heh.

The only thing I knew about The Third Man before I ordered it up on NetFlix was that it has a kickin’ fun soundtrack. I used to borrow my dad’s The Third Man record album all the time and listen to the happy Zither music. Do-de-do-de-doooo de-do. Loved that record. LOVED! Then we sat down to watch the movie last night and wow (the expression). I think I vaguely knew that is was some sort of mystery movie wherein they were looking for a third guy but other than that I had no clue. I’ll say it again though…Wow (the expression again). The Third Man is a wonderful film noir piece with awesome cinematography and great acting and suspenseful perky zither music.

Ummm…well OK then. I’da lost the zither despite how fun the soundtrack is because film noir and perky zither don’t mesh well. It did make for some funny moments so I guess it wasn’t a total loss. However, I don’t think the director was aiming for giggle fits over the music when the hero is being chased through the dark, broken streets of post WWII Vienna.

It’s a really good film despite the zither and worth a look see. Especially if you get into the special features to see what all they had to go through to clean it up.

It wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat, it was perky zither music!

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