If Comfy Cozy were a state of mind, I’d be so there. Zen…

I sat down to write an entry yesterday and I just couldn’t come up with anything. It was one of those days where nothing really seemed note worthy or it seemed too bitchy and I just wasn’t in a bitchfest frame of mind. Contrary to popular opinion, I need to be In. A. Mood. to have an effective and productive bitch, otherwise it’s just whining and it annoys the crap out of me. It’s pretty sad when you have to say to your self “Just shutUP already! God, quit with the wah wah wah or I’ll duct tape your mouth shut. Don’t tempt me!!” So I wound up not posting anything.

I did get an idea though and it has carried over into today. See, yesterday was the first day of fall. It may have even been the official Autumnal Equinox but that’s just a designation somewhere on a calendar (or more rightly a designation of the length of daylight vs. the length of night…errr…light. Or not light. Night dark? OK, moving on). I’m talking about the first day when you step outside and something in your brain clicks the seasonal calendar over. Yesterday as I stepped outside to wait for TheMan, there was that ever so small cerCHUMP sound in my head and I said “Oh, hey. Fall.”

I can’t even tell you what it was that made me decide that yesterday was the official boo start of fall. It just felt that way. The air, which was warm and breezy and a bit chilly in the shade but just perfect in the sun, suddenly had that quality to it which told me “Enjoy this day and the next few because I’m winding down to the dreary days of late fall and winter”. It wasn’t there Monday but yesterday I knew things were on their way to chilly, wet and gray just by how the air felt.

There were other things too. I walked out to the music of the Marching Band bouncing around the town as they practiced for the game this weekend. They play in a practice field some two miles away but you can hear them like you might from the top seats of the stadium on game day. Weird acoustics. It reminded me that fall brings a change in sounds too as the leaves fall and the weather turns a little more bleak. The bare trees don’t provide quite as adequate a barrier against sounds so suddenly noises start cropping up from all over. On top of all that, there is the constant squelch of rain sodden leaves that thrums in the back ground even as the new sounds find their way through the dormant branches.

Right now, however, the trees still have their leaves and the days are not gray gloomy. Yet. I guess that’s what I suddenly realized yesterday, that summer is finally gone no matter how many warm days we might have left. Already the nights are getting cooler on average and last night we slept for the first time since spring with no AC and no fan either. I even had to go hunting for another blanket because the summer spread just wasn’t cutting it. I loved every minute of my fall realization.

Fall rocks. I stepped outside to the strains of the fight song and the Brrrrrrrrrrrrht of the blimp newly puttered into town and I did a “YAY Fall” happy dance because finally, the best season ever was here. I love the cold bite of the air that is not yet strong enough to chill your bones, the kind of air where you pile a whole bunch of warm blankies on top of you before bed and sleep soundly the whole night through with just your nose poking out. Then, when you get up, the air is chilly but not so cold that you have to do that shivery crab hop thing as fast as you can over to your robe and slippers. The days are shorter but there is still a bit of light when I get off work and the sun peeks over the horizon during the last minutes of our morning commute. If you happen to be out at night, you can hear the creak and rattle of the trees talking to each other and the later it gets, the freakier that noise is. All this is good.

Another prime Fall thing is the food. Fall is the time of pumpkins and spices and spiced pumpkin bread (which I have a hankering to make this weekend) and trips to the cider mill. Aint no more beautiful thing than a fresh warm cinnamon doughnut and newly pressed cider on a brisk weekend morning. My mumses has the best recipe for hot apple cider (3/1 ratio of cider to Ocean Spray cranberry juice, a handful of cinnamon sticks, a good handful of whole cloves and about three hours simmering) and if that’s not a happy smell I don’t know what is. That is fall. Caramel apples are fall, even thought I don’t much care for them but you never see them until September and then by the end of November they are gone. Oh, don’t forget turkey! I never think to make a turkey except in the fall and I don’t really know why. The smell of cooking turkey is a comfort smell that just makes me happy when I get into a house and get a sniff of roast bird. Come to think on it, pumpkin pie and stuffing too are right homey happy smells. There is no cozier smell than all the smells of Thanksgiving dinner wafting about the house.

*sigh* Now I want to go home and start cooking and baking. Maybe this weekend I will unleash my inner fall cook self. Mmmmm, turkey.

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