The Friday Five!

The Friday Five site is on vacation BUT Alessar came to the rescue and made up his own F5. So I stole them! Muahahahaha!

1. What do you think about the upcoming Fall?

YAY Fall! I am liking the cooler temps and I am all antsy about getting pumpkins and gutting them (and of course carving them too) but I’m not going to go out even looking for them until October (Wednesday!). The decorations also will stay down until then but I might have to decorate Wednesday morning before work. Heh. I love Halloween and I live the old wet dead feel of late fall. Cider mill runs! You betcha I’m all about that in November or late October. And Thanksgiving! We are going to be making cranberry wine this year (and of course, the yearly pumpkin wine) during the TGiving break.

Oh yeah, and I’m getting married. *squeeee*

2. Which recent celebrity death has touched you the most?

Oooo, this was the year that every one who died I knew in some form or another. Didn’t Alec Guinness die? OH! And Richard Harris. And don’t forget the Man in Black. I think I was saddened by a lot of them in that sorta nostalgic yet morose way where you think “Gee. Richard Herris sure did some good stuff. Remember him in XYZ? Ahhhhh, well he’s dead and he’s not going to be making anything anymore and now future generations will have no idea who he was really.”

OH! Katherine Hepburn. I forgot about her. I always thought she was a mighty classy lady, full of fire and zest. Even when she was old and shaking so hard you kinda winced she still had moxie. Style. I think I’m most saddened to see her go.

3. The new TV season starts next week. Which show do you most look forward to viewing? Which do you least look forward to (but still plan to watch)?

Hey, the new season starts next week? COOL! As you can see, I’m all up on the T.V. TheMan and I only really ever watch one show: SG-1, so that would have to be the show I am most looking forward to watching. I don’t think we are really planning on watching any other show, but I least look forward to watching the ads for Fear Factor? That’s the one with Shannon Dourghty right? Well whatever one it is, they run those stupid commercials all the time during Stargate and I don’t want to have to see her whinaesly (whiney + weasel ) face while getting my SG-1 fix. Never watched it but I hate that show anyway. Just on principal!

4. Which thing you meant to do this summer that you didn’t do you most

Getting into shape. Yeah, OH! And I suppose that can go in the same duffel bag as not attending karate or practicing karate like I should. If I were on schedule I’d be probably yonkyu now. Wait, what’s green belt brown tag? Did I get that right? Hmmm!

5. What would you most like to do tonight for fun?

Hee! I have my plans all laid out. I’m running some errands and then TheMan and I are going to have a romantic dinner and a good snuggle while watching SG-1.

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