Meh. Monday.

Hey look, I finally did get some moonflowers. They are only about a month too late to go into my garden though. Grumble. On the other hand, this gives me an excuse to buy porch planters (this is just a pot I had handy and it’s probably too small for both flowers) so that’s a plus in the plant world.

This weekend I did not get to gardening because it rained buckets Saturday. I also didn’t much want to do gardening Saturday so the weather and I were in accordance. Sunday I had no excuse other than I was feeling meh. I may be coming down with something or maybe my asthma is kicking it up a notch since I felt meh all weekend. I even took a nap and had caffeine and still I was out like a light Sunday night. What’s THAT about?

Lemmie see. Friday I took a nap and that takes care of that day.

Saturday we did lots o’ Warcrafting until the late evening. My poor pally still has the sloooow mount and I’m still cranky about it. Stoopid game. After spending too much time Warcrafting we finally called it quits and put in one of our NetFlix DVDs. Currently on the Q tabletop is: House of Flying Daggers, Live Free and Die Harder, and Kill Bill I. We popped in House of Flying Daggers. My short summary is: Watch Hero; it’s a much better movie.

Seriously. We were calling it House of Flying Angst and at the very end when one fella goes wandering off bleeding and staggering in the snow we were cracking jokes like “I think my spleen came out over here…lemmie take a closer look.” [fella face plants] “Yup, here it is, right where I thought it might be.” So irreverent but you know what? Don’t care. HoFD isn’t even as pretty as Hero so we figured we might as well get some entertainment out of it.

I’m not saying Hero is the end all movie either because there are a few times you have to suspend the disbelief pretty hard (the fight on the lake comes to mind) but at least Hero’s story stuck together and the use of slo mo was integrated much, MUCH better. There are only so many moments of slow motion Flying Dagger shots that one can really put up with before one becomes snarky. Plus HoFD ended with a very typically Chinese solved love triangle WHICH WAS BORING AS SHIT!!!! The whole movie they were going on about the rebels and the corrupt government and the hyooj epic last stand fight between the two and then totally diss it in favor of a stupid love triangle. Do the rebels win? Are they decimated? Who knows! But a dude goes looking for his spleen in a snow covered field.


Sunday we did a little more Warcrafting for a bit, went to badmovie’s game and then came home for a little garden snacking. I decided the one Hungarian hot pepper was ready so I picked it and we ate it with cream cheese. Nummy! And HOT! It looks like it’ll be a while before more Hungarians are ready but the Jalapeños might be good to go in a couple weeks. Hot! Hot!

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