It’s Not Art

At least not yet it isn’t. I love the day or two before Art Fair because there is this awesome anticipation of a huge event. Even if the event is a bazillionty people flooding in from all over during the hottest days of summer being all stupid and clogging up my town. I do like looking at what the Fair(s) have to offer and eating Food-a-palooza lunches.

Today was the day the artists started setting up camp. There wasn’t a whole lot to see in the early morning (apparently artists aren’t morning type people) but by afternoon the streets were hopping and by the time I got out of work I’d say 95% of the booths were set up and tied down for the night.

Security must be a nightmare.

I am torn between captioning this: “These are not the cabinets you are looking for.” Or “Nothing to see here, move along.” *Chucklesnort*

This on the other hand was an odd bit of sidewalk graffiti. Who is that person supposed to be? Who is the message for?

I have no idea what those banners are all about but they’ve got to be pretty big.

Aaaand because I had the camera with me, here’s the current state of Reading Room clean up project. Did you know that the wood doohickies up there were painted?

Fairly gaudily so but dang. Look at the colors. I had assumed the ceiling (which is 8 floors up BTW) was sort of muted wood colored stuff. Apparently I was wrong about that. They’ve cleaned and restored all the ceiling stuff, added new lights along the side arch thing-its to make the cavernous room a little less gothic-y and more study friendly. They were also in the process of rehanging all the chandelier hookups when I left so pretty soon I imagine the lights themselves will come back from wherever they went to. I believe some company is doing a resto/refit job on them to make them all new and refurbished like. Things are progressing apace fastly, they might be done by this fall. Huh!

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