Techno Garbled

Hello technology daemons everywhere! I’d like to welcome you all to the booniverse because you’re here already and to not acknowledge you would be rude. Yes, booniverse readers, once again the blog is plagued by small fretting technology daemons so things might be a tad slower than usual. On the plus side, I’m upgraded to WordPress.the-most-recent so all you haXX0rz can bite me. On the minus side I seem to have lost some abilities in the back end of things like categories and the ability to post-date. It’s probably here somewhere or has to be turned on or summoned or something but darned if I know. Thus, I’ll once again be writing posts but not releasing them into the wild until I can figure out where my post-dating button has gotten off to. I have a LOT of Art Fair pics to share.

Maybe I ought to see if the upload function is also AWOL because that would be very bad indeed.

See you on the flip side of technology daemon extermination/exorcisation.

[edit] AhHA! I found post datery and the upload pic function. Looking over the couple entries I just put up though makes me see that I haven’t quite gotten the pic function to work exactly right. Back to shaking the daemons, stay tuned for more Art Fair picto-posting!

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