Hell of a Weekend

Friday the lot of us did the Art fair thing and then TheMan and I had to vamoose to meet up with another set of friends at the theater for Hell Boy. Aren’t we the social butterflies!

Hellboy II was a decent popcorn flick, BTW. Ron Pearlman was born to play Hellboy and I liked the Liz character better in this one. She was full of kick ass. The elves were too full of much ass kickery (literally for the prince and ermmm…chutzpaherly for the princess). I didn’t much like the Abe Sapien love interest story line but whatevs.

Saturday we played the usual WoW (the game) and did some battle ground sort of stuff. It was interesting going in with a healing class character versus the two DPS characters I had previously mucked about with. Healers don’t get a lot of kills or do a lot of damage and there isn’t anything to express “Dudes asses saved with a timely heal” so that kinda sucks. What also sucks is that the other side doesn’t really appreciate having a dude they’ve chowed down to almost dead suddenly spring back to full health. They tend to hunt out the healer what robbed them of a kill and murdalate said healer.

On the plus side, I got to visit a lot of graveyards. Go me?

After that we packed up and headed out to the Corner brewery to meet up with Stalker Patti and her husband and also to check out the “Shadow Art Fair”. It’s A2’s smaller sister town’s answer to Art Fair and it’s also held in a pub. A really big pub (it used to be an elementary school so half of the building is brewing space and half is consuming space) but still I don’t think I need to experience Shadow Art Fair again. Enclosed pub with half the pub-ery space blocked off for art and a full Saturday drinking crowd plus art crowd is too much crowd and noise for me. What can I say, I like my drinking less noisy and much less crowded. The beer was still good though.

Sunday TheMan was illin from forgetting that he has half a cheerleader less weight with which to absorb beerage. Poor TheMan. He also might have been suffering the effects of a touch of sunstroke from Art Fairing Friday. We played some Warcraft, I did some chores and we collaberated on a kick ass Jambalaya like entity.

This one is for Bailey: Jumbled-laya

Step one: Forget to print out the internets recipe you found by Googling Jambalaya but write down the ingredients on a shopping list.

Step two: Run out of time to make said Jambalaya Monday. And Tuesday. Wednesday as well and tack on Thursday while you’re at it. Friday you don’t get back to the house until well after 10. Completely forget about it by Saturday and suddenly discover on Sunday the green peppers in the veggy drawer while looking for onions. Oh yeah…those were for Jambalaya.

Step three: Remember partially, mostly, sorta the recipe which you have misplaced and or never printed out in the first place. Be too lazy to find a recipe in the myriad of cookbooks you own. Be too lazy to Google it again. Don’t really care.

Step four: Gather
1.5 onions, dice them
3 cloves garlic (or 4 or 5, I got tired after 3), dice them
1 green pepper, dice it
5 (ish) stalks of celery, DICE IT!
3-4 TBL butter
3 cans diced toms
4 chicken breasts cubed
1 lb spicy sausage
2 bay leaves
1 pinch of thyme (saves nine!)
1 hoofa of cayenne pepper
1 hoofa of black pepper
4 squirts of Worchester sauce
4 drops of Iguana hot sauce

Step five: Do. Get out a nice large dutch ovenish sort of pan (or any pan in which you can simmer 3 cans of toms plus all the other ingredients). Plop the butter, garlic and onions in and sauté them on med-high until they are translucent (or for as long as it takes you to cube the chicken and cut the peppers). Have your husband cook up the sausage and chicken and occasionally stir the onions. Add the peppers. Wash a few dishes that you need for some other project. Add the celery. Yell at the cats and go find out what the hell they are up to. Decide nothing is broken and/or on fire. Come back, add 3 cans of toms. Add MEAT. Add spices. Stir. Wonder why it always is that the bay leaves will not sink down into the mixture where they will do more good than hanging around on top. Turn the heat down. Simmer for 5 hours. Serve over brown rice. Enjoi.

2007: JSFR: I Songi

2006: Sadly, balloons wouldn’t do the trick and we heard a waiter mutter “I’d give $100 if only that kid would shut up.” Dude, I hear you.

2005: Mmmmm….beeeer…

2004: I can not STAND when I’m walking in a nice flow of people and we are all walking along more or less at the same pace and then BAMN someone stops dead in the walking path and ogles the art.

2003: TheMan has a lot of crazy stuff on disc. My collection, however, is perfectly sane, Even all 14 Rush discs.

3 Responses to “Hell of a Weekend”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Stalker Patti was under the weather on Sunday, too. And I agree–I prefer my beer with much less noise. We hardly got to talk!

    But I was serious about the Mug Club….


  2. Kevin Says:

    I liked the Shadow Art Fair part, but I went (a) earlier, and (b) not for any drinkin’.

    Did you at least look at the folks sellin’ monkey buttons?

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    I didn’t see the monkey buttons!!!! That woulda been kewl.

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