You know what I saw on the way in to work today? I didn’t either as I crossed the street and something white and floaty lazily drifted across the air about 12 feet up. It looked like a small bit of white plastic bag, sort of like in American Beauty, but there just wasn’t enough wind to keep it aloft like it was. Maybe a bit of tissue paper? Some sort of something from the deepest depth of the renovations going around? I couldn’t have told you until I was almost right under it. Suds!

The air was littered with little bits of suds merrily going about their sudsy way. There was some stuck in trees, some hanging around in the air and some nestled right up against the stop sign. I never found out where they were coming from but it sure was fun to watch them drift along. Suds!

Yeah, I’m easily amused but due to my detour I got to watch some cool suds floating around AND I got some Tim Bits. I have to chair a meeting today that I don’t particularly want to char and the rest of the people don’t particularly want to be at so I got the giant pack of Tim Bits to bribe them. I even made vegan pumpkin bread for the one vegan on the committee. It was pretty darned tasty too. I had made two loaves and took the other in to church yesterday.

And that too amused me, but not in the happy care free bubbles way. See, there is always coffee in the mornings at church (or after church, same coffee different time) and usually some sort of snack munchie, often times a home made deelie. I’ll admit that I am the mooch of mooches but for some reason I got a mooch conscience along with my master in mooch sciences. When I find I have been hitting the candy jar or snack table a little too often I’ll bring in something to replace all the mooched stuff I had taken. So I decided to bring in some pumpkin bread. This week, everyone decided to bring in something because there was pumpkin cake (which was spicier and moister than my bread. Foo. Fortunately, my bread was fresh baked that morning so it had its own edge in just out of the oven warm. Otherwise I would have had to take my bread home in shame), white cake with pineapple frosting, brownies, blueberry bread, lemon bread, fruit, candy and the youth club was selling bagels and cream cheese. Oi! Food gluttony. It was all good too.

TheMan and I went home and napped (yeah, if you read his blog I bet you know exactly why he was all Mr. Sleepy. Could it have to do with getting to bed at 4am that same day? It might, rabbit, it might) and then got up for a dinner engagement we had with Rob and Joanna. We went to Paesannos (yum) and had, as usual, wonderful food and a cappuccino caddy. You gotta have the cappuccino if you go there. I got the rabbit pasta which was darned fine tasty and TheMan got the pancetta and something stuffed chicken. It was weirdly sweet. I love me some Paesannos.

I can’t remember what I did on Friday.

Saturday, though, Saturday would be hard to forget even though to probably do so would be kinder. TheMan and I got up at a decent hour and commenced watching 4 (count them) 4 Smithee movies. Ow, our heads. The first movie was from Paul TheOther’s bottomless bag of dretch and it was called “Within the Rock”. Ooooo. Short plot: Big moon, collision path with Earth, mining team to go dig tunnels, scientist to blow up a reactor and “pffffft” the moon out of the way. But, and there is always a but, they dig through this creature’s hidey hole and it eats them all, mostly. We got a worst science, a worst f/x, maybe a Stoopid Monster and a 1 liner?

Next was “Avalanche (hee! I almost typed Avocado) Alley”, one of our own purchases. Ski resort being run into the ground by inept ex Olympic coach (who is trying to pickle his liver in booz, but aren’t they all trying to pickle their livers in booz? Otherwise how would we know that they were bad guys?), ex Olympic skier trying to save his ski place, young hot young thing with a business degree who can save it (oh hey, and who is married to the ageing Olympian) and then we have the hot young male slope instructor/ski patrol/eye candy fella. Oh, and it is bad weather and the whole mountain is going to slide into the lodge. Or something. Oooo, don’t forget the naughty snow borders (because it’s always those punk snow borders) who all go up to the crest of the avalanche birthing mountain to board them the baddest run ever while the ski patrol sets off charges for a controlled Avalanche. Yeah. You can see how that went no? We got a good alas (avalanche ate a guy in a pick up truck), a good one liner and that’s it I think.

“War Gods of the Deep”, dipping into the bottomless bag of tricks rolled in at movie 4. Whooo. Sea creatures. Guess what we got? DING! SLM. Dudes in rubber suits with Mohawks and kelp belts which work for mostly hiding the weight belts the actors wore. Got a whoops in there too. As best as I could figure out, Vincent Price lives undersea with the gill men and other guys and there is a volcano. I think he wants to save his people. There is a chicken too.

Lastly, Klaus Kinski’s “Creature”, again a boo bought special. Hey, another deep space mining team finds creature flick. You can’t have too many of these gems. There is a good Acting Appropriately Stupid in the beginning with these two fellas discovering a creature in a casket and an Oblivious and a couple of other things but I can’t remember what they were. OH! The electrocution of the critter. LAME! One thing to note though; do not watch two deep space mining team meets creature flicks in the same day. They sort of run together.

2 Responses to “SAST VIII”

  1. theMan Says:

    I think I know wherefrom the suds come! Back oop north in my wayward youth there was a similar outbreak of sudsiness caused by someone dumping some liquid dish detergent into the cooling unit for a big building’s air conditioner system… It’s possible that was done somewhere on campus.

  2. boo Says:

    Hey, that might be the thing. DQ suggested soap in a fountain but it wasn’t coming in from the right direction to be blown from “Sunday Afternoon in the Park” (or whatever they call that one up there). They *could* have been from something soaped at Hill though.