And It’s Not Fair

Well that’s at least how the townie rhyme goes. Personally, I do not mind Art Fair and I rather enjoy looking at things and stuff. Then again, I do not live in town so maybe I would agree more with the ditty.

We happened upon this fella and thought his stuff was wikid. I’m not usually into the jewelry but something about this guy’s work really appealed to me.

Here’s a closer peek at his things and stuff. He was pretty reasonably priced too for what he had to offer. I couldn’t have bought anything from him this year (or even next year) but nothing was in the four digit range either.

QUILTS! And also wow (the expression). I thought at first these were some sort of abstract painting because who quilts with krazy curves and all? Apparently these people do.

We the calligraphed in order to make a more perfect picture… The artist has the preamble and the articles of…err…whatever’s next in the whole constitution deal. She said it took her 500 hours to pen this and she is planning on doing a piece for every amendment too. That’s too cool.

And then there is this guy again. I went a peeking through the archives (which I promise to reintegrate soon) and discovered I took almost this exact same pic last year. His stuff is still cool so here you go again. I noticed that he did a lot more black and white stuff which was keen. Hmmm, I should see if this is the same piece as last year.

2007: I finally complained so much about the crappy pic quality at the booniverse lately that both TheMan and I couldn’t stand to listen to another word from me. Man almighty I can whine.

2006: “HOLY FUCK! Bits of ass everywhere…wait a minute, I think that one’s mine!”

2005: Meh. whatever.

2004: JSFR: Pumpkin Pocky

2003: This is a Sauhaugin. Evidently he’s into Summer Fun Grillin.

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