TheMan Found Jesus After The Bru-ha-ha

Every Bru-ha-ha has its own unique surprises.

Saturday was the 7th annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha at the Q house and as usual we were scurrying around getting prepped until just about D-time (which is like D-Day but with smaller increments). I think we were less backed up into the party than we have been in years past but I also think we got up earlier and got a bigger head start. Whatever, my feet still hurt by the end of the night. OI!

We had a couple new people join us which was pretty cool. They had small ones too so along with Baby D there were three hyperactive girls playing all sorts of screechy games. C, the Bru-ha-ha newbie with the two kids, was a little put out about not knowing that there was a pool. Which there is in the sense of yes, that is technically a pool and yes it is full of water but there isn’t because the pool is for the beer island. And for wading in to get to the beer island. Which you really can’t tell a 4 year old, a 5 year old and a 10 year old because any sort of water filled pool is for swimmin!

Or splishing if your mom hasn’t been informed that there really isn’t a pool but there is a pool. Sadly, the beer island was evicted midway through the party in favor of splishin and swimming. Alas, poor beer island, I knew you well.

We changed the configuration of the party around a bit, upon request of my mom, to try and make the back yard a more appealing place. We set up the tent, the beer island pool and some chairs in hopes that more people would gravitate on backyardwards but alas. We are just one driveway sitting bunch I guess. Maybe moving the big foods table to the middle yard might encourage more back yard sitting, or maybe people just like to hang with TheMan as he grills. I’m going to have to give this more thinks but really? I like the driveway.


We ate, we drank, we played bocchi and then came in for a little Smithee movie watching action. The Earl (badmovie) is marking Smithee seasons by the Bru-ha-has so we like to have a little watching to cap off the evening. David the Muppet King gets credit and kudos for picking out The Brainiac (based on shortest run time) to start off our new Smithee season. Any film in which the main antagonist is immolated in the pope outfit of shame, sucked into a out of focus still of a painted comet and then returned to Earth in a baked Alaska is good in my Smithee book.

Say good night mysteriously appearing Wall Switch Jesus.

2007: Finding a wall Jesus can cause non updating.

2006: For two years in a row.

2005: Lesson one about comparatives: Take a coffee cup. If you have another coffee cup that will hold more coffee than the one you are currently holding, then the other one is LARGER than the cup you are holding.

2004: But not three years in a row. You just skip a year of not posting.

2003: Possibly two.

3 Responses to “TheMan Found Jesus After The Bru-ha-ha”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    That wall switch is AWESOME!!! If I ever find one of Moses, we can hang him up for the multicultural experience. And then the Buddha, Rah the SunGod, etc. Then when you die, you will have some ‘splainin’ to do 🙂 🙂

  2. EC Says:

    Ummmm, did anyone notice where the switch is placed? No wonder he’s checking it out – ITS HUGE!

  3. Boo Says:

    You wanna hear something embarrassing? The first time I saw the switch plate I was giggling about the giant screw in JC’s chest. He’s all looking down and “What? I gotta wear thorns, get both hands and feet nailed AND have my chest screwed to this cross? Awwwww man…” Then TheMan asked if I had noticed where the light switch was located.

    Ummm…errrr…one moment please.

    Yup. I missed it the first go-around. Also, someone pointed out that Jesus was from a warmer clime so maybe that’s the answer.

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