10,000 BTUs

Oi. We got the bestest peeps. Ever.

Man, we did everything this weekend! It all started Friday when TheMan and I went over to his boss’s house for a farewell Kevin grill out. Kevin (the third guy in the office) will be leaving soon, sometime, so it was sort of a last hurrah. Wow, TheMan’s boss can cook. We had pork loins in tasty sauce, smushed potatoes (with lumps. The best kind), and salad and it was all very tasty. They have a pretty cool house too and a really boss (hee, slay me) deck that has a couple levels to it. All they need is a deck Jacuzzi and wala! Perfection. We stayed out till 1:20am blabbing and then moseyed on back home.

And then evil 9am came along. We had a plan to go cider milling with Shar and the kids so we dragged our butts out of bed and piled us into the bug. Dirge came along too and we tooled out to Obstbaum Orchards to check out the sights. The first sight was this weird red triangle moseying across the road, but on closer inspection is was really a guy hauling a gigantic apple sign (which we could only see the red painted back to and no guy). I guess oncoming traffic couldn’t tell where the orchard drive was so he stuck out his big old apple “Turn Here” sign. Heh, the floating triangle looked pretty freaky.

We got doughnuts and cider but the doughnuts weren’t fresh piping hot (still darned good though) and there was no option to have fresh cider there which was a bit of a bummer. We did get to see them make the doughnuts which was pretty sweet. We purchased some mixes and honey sticks and PUMPKINS! We got the coolest pumpkins. Ever. No, sorry, we did. Don’t know when we will carve them but we have them and that’s 75% of the battle. Whooo.

The Qs were supposed to be in town, sometime Saturday, so TheMan and I went home after the game to figure out what was going on. *WE* left a message, but they had just (seconds) pulled out of the driveway (and NOT left a message that they were on their way to go out to eat) and gone off to eat. TheMan and I waited, and waited (and waited) and eventually fell asleep all hungry like before they got back and got our message. Foo. We did split a bagel so our hunger was satiated a bit but wah, it would have been nice to have met them all for dinner.

We did meet them all for breakfast, which involved getting up at 6 freakin o’clock in the morning on a SUNDAY to catch early service. Ugh, I am not built to make early service. At all. They had communion for the second week in a row so I wonder if they are taking that one thingit to heart from last week; namely the regular communion schedule. We shall have to see if they continue on with an every service communion or if this was a freak happening.

The sermon was interesting (there was on this week) and it was all about marriage and the pitfalls and what God expects from you when you take your vows. You know, I swear the pastor was looking right at TheMan and I during the whole thing. It could have been the “front row” quality of us all being the first people on our side of the church (although we sat some 5 rows back) but then again, who else is just about to get married in…what 34 days? 33? Well close. Heh, I’ll just have to stay married to TheMan I guess because later on we all tooled up to the Mumses where my sis had our wedding shower all planned.

TheMan and I have all sorts of peeps that so totally rock. First of all, they came out to my mumses house (which I still have a hard time finding) and then they brought presents. Yeah, I know a shower is supposed to be a place where you give presents but it still seems weird that people are giving us gifts just ‘cuz we are getting married. Y’all really don’t need to you know, TheMan and I are just peachy with the idea of y’all just coming to our parTAY and hanging with us.

But, they did come and my mumses put on a nice spread (and for the record, my mumses makes a mean veggie sammich. Damn, those were tasty. Almost tasty enough for me to consider vegetarianism as a viable food choice. Fortunately, there was boss chicken salad too so I wasn’t totally won over) and my sis had some wicked funny games to play. Her first game was a “guess the movie” game where everyone had a movie quote on their back and they had to ask yes or no questions to other people about their movie. Eventually you get enough answers and you can guess what movie you are wearing. Shar got a prize for being first with Scooby Doo (although I am not sure why that was a love theme thing…her quotes were from a Shaggy and Scooby exchange. Heh, that’s just not right) and badmovie guess his Spiderman tag. I got to play but I was so into answering other people’s questions that I forgot to ask a lot about mine. Heh.

The second game was funnier. Sis had 5 boxes nested in each other and scattered throughout the nest layers were goodies. TheMan and I picked 2 numbers and everyone got in a circle (around the huge outer box) and took turns rolling the dice. If you rolled any one of the two numbers, you got a crack at opening the boxes to get the goodies inside. The catch was you had to don a tiara, feather boa and large lizard gloves (both right hands) before attempting any box destruction. If someone else rolled any of the numbers while you were still dressing, you were SOL because it was their turn. Anyone could jump at the prizes if the unwrapper was foolish enough to let them go flying across the room. A-hem *blush*. That game was tons of fun and everyone got something. I got a tarot deck, there were bone cards, fortune cookie thingits, a slinky, all sorts of fun things. My sis rocks.

Then we got to open the gifts (yea!). Did I mention that Dirge and Shar gave us a wine corker? It’s boss. They actually gave it to us Saturday (it’s kinda unwieldy) but we hauled it over to the shower to show it off. We took all our presents so everyone could see them because…ummm…I think that’s what you are supposed to do. Maybe. ANYWAY, so we got our own super fancy wine corker of doom now and we can give Rob back his SFWCoD that we borrowed. Man, wine is just getting funner and funner to make. They also gave us these utterly bizarre SanX kitty food toy things. Heh. We have crepe kittens (although I prefer to call them burrito cats); two stuffed kitties in a stuffed crepe. The whole line is cats as food. We also got some tea mugs (with the kitty sushi pic! Hee). I love my burrito cats!

We got other off registry things, which is cool because when would we have ever thought to register for beenie baby Monster Zero and Godzillas? Heh, Lunargeography and badmovie saw these fellas in Oregon and immediately decided they should go to us. Monster Zero! Heh, three heads, two tails and no arms! He can so kick Godzilla’s ass, lightning breath and all. Mom Q got me my own tools and tool box (mine! All mine!) which I suppose TheMan can borrow but he better make comments on how nice they are when he does! Heh. We have his and hers tools. TheMan got a garage door opener (which I guess I can share too, but I have to say how nice it is every time I go in). I’m all sorts of excited by that. No more get up and trundle through the side door (well once we have it installed) for us.

Oh! And guess what the Mumses, Mr. Paul, the sis and Bro-in-law got us? A Grill! Not just any grill, but the butane powered mother of all grills. It has a rotisserie! You could probably cook half a cow on it plus it has a side griddle. Side griddle! I’m not even sure what one does with a side griddle, but we have one. It is shiny silver (shiny!) and has knobs. I suppose the knobs do stuff but we haven’t really had time to do anything but sit there and go “…wow. No really…wow!” TheMan wanted to fire it up and test it out last night and you know, if he and I didn’t have to go into work today I would have said “How many cows shall I go get?” Holy cow, my peeps are wicked cool.

Heh, we did have a minor mishap (but no fighting) which may lead to an exploratory mission into “Why isn’t our registry updating correctly”. Barb and Jeff gave us the cool griddle fella we registered for and hey surprise! Paul and Karen got us the cool griddle fella we registered for. Oops, something went amiss. As much fun as the idea of TheMan dual wielding griddles is, I think we only need one so we most likely will take one back. Both parties (after the initial “Umm…oh!”) were all OK with that and suggested we do so but the best part is that we don’t know who gave us which particular griddle so we can thank them for half a griddle and half a whatever else we get, which might be the wine glass holder things. Not that pancakes and wine go together but you know, griddles are just as much fun as glass holders. One makes pancakes (and I am a big fan of pancakes) and the other gets all the damned glasses out of the teeny tiny space we currently keep them in. Six of one I say.

And you know what we got too? Glasses! Hee. More wine glasses, which we don’t have room for currently but you can never have too many wine glasses. The official list is at home but I think David and Mary have helped us in expanding our glassware. That’s it, we will have to have them over for pancakes and wine! Mmmm! Oh, maybe I’ll do the dishes first and then have them over for pancakes and wine.

We are not having Rob and Joanna out for bed though. Heh. They got us some wicked sheets (all smooth, shiny and stripy…wheee!) that I just might have to toss in the wash so we can check them out tonight. We can put the new comfy quilt on (thanks to Donald) too and maybe even have some wine in our new glasses. Heh, and pancakes. OK, maybe that’s a little extreme. I think though, checking the sheets out might be a fun idea. I have to do wash anyway so why not toss in the new sheets.

Has this been about boring or what? Sorry about that, I’m just all geeked. I mean, Monster Zero! (with pancakes in bed and a glass of wine?) Stay tuned, I may not be as off the wall later.

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