Wheee! One of my five bazillion tomato plants has come to fruitition! I picked the two ripest ones just after taking this pic and…I think I need to leave them on the vine a titch longer. I am the world’s most impatient gardener.

Last year LunarGeography had the sweetest, most delicious tiny tomatoes ever and I was looking so forward to having some deliciousness of my own this year. The two ripe ones were tasty but not something to go running naked through the streets proclaiming its tomato-y goodness for. I woulda done that with LG’s tomatoes. You would have too if you had tasted them.

I also need to pay more attention to my garden; it could use a good watering or three. And a weeding. And some general watching over. I am kinda the suxor at gardening but at least I’m getting better this year (along with lots of hot peppers, I have an awesome crop of ragweed coming in. Check THAT out). So far this year, I have tomatoes that are struggling on, hot pepper plants peppering their hot little hearts out and dried out little pumpkin plants with a bouquet of flowers but no baby pumpkins yet. I also apparently have silver dollar plants despite not having planted any this year. I had planted some last year which never came up so possibly the ones I have now time warped in from last year. What I want to know is what did they do with the Hyssop that was growing in that spot? Weird.

My green plans for the rest of the year have been altered as such: Move the remaining raised garden into the big garden…which means also clearing out the spot it will sit in and building a new bed. Chop out, mulch and border the back shade garden. Keep the rest of the gardens weeded except for the food garden which is a lost cause. My new plan is to hack through and clear out the parts I haven’t yet gotten to by this fall and then rototill the daylights out of the whole thing (minus the strawberry patch and two garden beds). I think I’m even going to get some compost and do it up right too. Someday that garden will grow for me the way LunarGeography’s garden grows for her. Or I’ll pull it all up and sod it over. Either or seems like a decent outcome at the moment.

Krazy peppers!

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