Wedding Plans

In which my head explodes and it is decided that cicada origami guys rule. At least in January.

So it’s the new year. There are lots of things to be done for the wedding already, which everyone has been amazed about. “You two are THAT far ahead?!??” That should be encouraging really, until I start to think of all the things that have to be done by November. That’s only 11 months away! We have the hall, the church, the church dude, and the cake guy and photographer are on reserve, I have a dress, we know our colors, asked the attendant peoples, ordered the rings, got a good chunk of the wine, know roughly-more or less-what the centerpieces and favors might be and have a rough guest list. That should be fine…right?

Oh wait, the caterers. Need to call some and do that catering thing. Oh, and get the contract signed with the photographer and a DJ? Do I want to think of a DJ now? OH! Music at the church…maybe their pianist might do that. Have to check that out when we meet with the church dude. When was that again? How about a florist? Nope, definitely don’t want to deal with that yet. Dresses for the girls? Tuxes? No tuxes come later and when were did the cake guy say he thought we should come see him about designs? Oh man, I should really get to folding origami guys but what about the centerpieces? Shouldn’t we be dinking around with them at some point in time before November?

My head is plooding. The good news is TheMan and I have already started on the “get ourselves in shape” item. This week we have been on the new diet and trying to establish an exercise routine. So far, the diet has come along with a tweak here and there but it seems pretty solidly in place. The work outs, on the other hand, have been spotty. I am hoping to call this week a “start up week” or maybe, in the theater slang, a tech rehearsal. Next week, I’m all about the Bow Flexing and the cardio and the eating healthy. Hmm, note to self: Hang heavy bag so I can start on a kick work out. I’m going to fit in that dress like it was my second skin dammit! And I’m gonna look hot too.

So, lets see. January will be the month of getting the workout and eating right rolling for good, making cicada origami guys, getting the photographer all squared away and tinkering with the centerpieces. That seems like a good plan. Maybe I’ll throw in some more stuff if I feel like it but four items seems like a happy number.

Oh yeah, and of course there is my birthday. 😛

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