28 Days

Big fun, no zombies.

May I just point out the new stuff on the site. Thanks to Bubble’s I finally have motivated myself pestered TheMan to organize the entries by categories. Have fun perusing by type!

Today will be all sorts of random bits because I really don’t feel like creating a whole theme thing and tying everything together. Whatever. I blame the stupid bed, all night long it seemed that whenever I was on my right side (the side that faces into the bed) it felt like I was rolling down a huge hill. I have to wonder if the mattress is getting old and saggy or if we are just getting too pudgy and sagging the mattress. The thing is 11 years old. What’s the lifespan of a mattress? We could stand to get a new one that is bigger and thicker than my current one (you know, the one I got back in the day when hardly anyone had those stupid damned pillow topped 48″ thick mattresses of doom and everything fit all nice and smooth like) if only so that the damn sheets would quit bunching in the middle. I hate that. Stupid pillow topped mattress standards.

Fun Times at the Q House
I staged an attack against the Barbaric Horde of dishes this weekend and managed to find an itty bitty square of counter space. Here in the Q house dishes standardly come in units of ‘hordes’, Barbaric being one of the biggest units of dish horde measurement. You can tell when the horde has gone barbaric if there are no longer clean plates, glasses or bowls and there is no more room to play dish tetris on the counter. Mostly, there were a lot of big dish items (pots, pans, mixing bowls and such) that took up a lot of room both dirty and clean on the drying rack. I hate doing 7 dishes and having to call it quits because the drying rack is too crowded for anything else. Grrr.

Dinner and a Movie! Well, dinner and Season 4 of SG-1. TheRck and husband had gotten our wedding gift in and wanted to get it to us at some point. I thought it might be nice to do a dinner thing so TheMan and I cooked up a crock, some biscuits and a wonderful apple spice cake and headed on over. It was a lot of fun! Delia is getting awfully darned cute these days. She was all about hanging out with the grown-ups (would NOT go to sleep in her scary new crib. Not having any of that!) but soooo soooo sleepy by the end of the night that she couldn’t keep her eyes open no matter how much she wanted to. Heh! TheMan and I got home about 9pm and decided we had time to watch one of the episodes of SG-1 (our present). The more we watch of SG-1 the more I like it, but I really wish that Richard Dean Anderson was playing someone other than Colonel O’Neal. He’s not bad and I love the character he plays but I just can’t see him as the Colonel O’Neal from the movie (played by the ever cool Kurt Russell). The TV Daniel actor (Michael Shanks) can convince me that he is the same Daniel as from the movie (James Spader) but I’m just not buying the Russell O’Neal and the Anderson O’Neal as the same person.

Cider Mill Ho! Hey, I’m connecting this with the last bit through cake! While TheMan and badmovie did Smithee stuff I took off up north and hung with Mr. Paul for the afternoon. We went cider milling and got us some donuts and cider, among other things. We were going to go to this one place (that I can no longer remember the name of) but everyone and their brother wanted to go there too so we decided to go to the other mill down the road in Parshallville. Hee. I love that name, like the place isn’t big enough to be a real ville. It’s right next to Halfburg and Sorta Town and right down the road from Maybeberry. OK no, but Parshallville? Who comes up with these names?

ANYWAY, the mill was an old grist mill back in the day so it had the whole wood floors and cool cidermilly stuff going but it also had a ton of small outbuildings selling stuff and blow up bouncy thingies for the kids and crafty boothy things set up behind the mill. It was a weird mix of small home town mill and big old commercial venture thing. We seemed to come on “Kid’s fair day” so maybe all the stuff (oh! And pony rides too!) isn’t usually hanging around there but I suspect the bees are usual customers no matter what’s going on. I bought another bag of Apple Spice Cake mix, some candy sticks (Horehound! Tasty!) and we got our donuts and cider to nosh on. After finding a likely spot and then being driven off by the bees (I swear they were lying in wait until we sat down and then ZOOOOOM!) we had our treat several miles down the road at a small pull off. Not the best atmosphere but it beats being eaten alive by bees.

The cake was the same cake I made up for going over for dinner and I must say it was the Bomb! I made it with egg replacer, as TheRck is allergic to eggs and I substituted applesauce for oil as well as cider for whatever else it was that you could substitute cider for which made for a much healthier cake. Then I frosted it with Pillsberry caramel frosting (so much for the keeping it good for you) and it was heaven. I suspect that the bag of mix I got at each orchard is the same mix thing, which makes the whole comparison thing I wanted to do fairly moot, BUT it bakes up really tasty (especially topped with caramel frosting) so I have a second cake thing to look forward to.

WINE! Whoooyaw. Remember the troubles TheMan and I were having with the apple wine, namely that the stuff was Not Clearing Up (at all, no sire, no way)? Well TheMan put these chewy fellas (pectin enzyme? I can never remember what it is called. It breaks down particulate matter in the wine) in and they helped sorta in that the wine looked like light apple cider instead of dark apple cider. It was still damned ass cloudy so as a last resort he added finings on Friday. Finings are basically flocculants that attrack the particles and then sink them to the bottom. The package said that one should wait for 14 days before racking the wine so we expected that over the course of those 14 days the wine would slowly clear up. Hopefully.

Well, Sunday we realized we hadn’t taken a peek at the wine all day Saturday so we eagerly headed down to see how much, if any, of the cloudiness had been dealt with. Imagine our surprise when we opened the wine cellar and wala! Crystal clear apple wine! It’s beautiful! TheMan was so excited he got all itchy to do wine things so he cleaned bottles in prep for when we decide to bottle the wine (after the wedding!). It’s probably ready to drink too seeings as it has sat over a year and tasted pretty good last time we tried it. Wheeee!

Well, I can’t think of anything else to say so I will quit before I start (continue) to babble. Have a cool week everyone and oh yeah, 28 days until I am officially the new Mrs. Q. Ulp!

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